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Clinical Education
ACEMAPP Collaboration allows schools, clinical sites, and partners to connect, schedule rotations, manage compliance, and securely manage data.
Document Review
ACEMAPP Assure allows schools to work with a team of professionals who are trained to review documents according to your organization's unique standards.
Talent Acquisition
ACEMAPP Communities allows clinical sites to connect with students who have completed rotations at their site in order to attract and retain top talent.

Individual Membership Benefits

Job Matching

Search for and match with job opportunities that fit your specialty, schedule, and location preferences.


Collect and share your personal, educational, and professional experiences in your online ePortfolio.

CE Tracking

Store, track, and monitor continuing education credits and documents in ACEMAPP.

Library Resources

Access a catalog of health care resources, information, and other learning materials.


View topics that interest you, read what other people are saying, or start a new discussion in the forums.

Document Storage

Store personal and professional documents. Documents are always secure and never deleted.

Rotation History

If you completed rotations with ACEMAPP, your rotation history will be saved and documented.


Members can apply for rotations at clinical sites who are accepting rotations directly from students.

Professional Referrals

If you completed rotations with ACEMAPP, you may share professional referrals.

Organizational Membership Benefits

24/7 access from any browser on any device.

Individual and bulk messaging to affiliated members.

Automatic emails, notifications, and reminders.

Online document delivery, submission, review and storage.

Extensive customized reporting and data storage.

Unlimited staff accounts across all departments and/or programs.

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