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An All-In-One Manager

ACEMAPP blends advanced technology with our team's extensive experience in clinical education to develop creative solutions for schools and clinical sites nationwide. Available features in the ACEMAPP system are tailored to each organization’s needs based on size, structure and existing processes. ACEMAPP is designed to be an all-in-one manager for compliance, document management, scheduling, people management, reporting, communication, and learning management.

ACEMAPP Features

People Management

Easily keep track of students, faculty and staff using ACEMAPP’s intuitive features. With only a few clicks, you are able view each member's validity, find out which requirements or assessments they still need to complete in order to be placed on a rotation, and send out an email to those requiring additional information.

Create custom tags in order to group, search, and pull reports on specific members quickly. Customize your member lists to include the information that is most important to you by turning any of the sortable columns on or off. Add students and faculty one-by-one, or use a bulk feature to upload them en masse. Member data that you need to save or share is easily exported to an Excel document.

Document Management

ACEMAPP has a secure document management solution that allows students, faculty and other members to upload documents which may then be approved or denied by the coordinator to fulfill custom requirements. In addition, schools and sites can upload documents (including partnership agreements via the partnership manager) onto ACEMAPP.

The security of our document storage is a top priority. No member’s document can be viewed by a user without first signing in to our secure system. All documents are permission based, meaning that only authorized users may view documents.


Schedule rotations around complicated and competing time requirements. Whether your rotations are weekly recurrences, or change often, it’s simple to create a schedule using our advanced scheduling tools. See changes to rotations in real time and receive notifications when necessary.

Schedule students/faculty who are fully compliant, or those who are close to completing their requirements. Those who are not fully compliant with their requirements will receive reminders, and be automatically approved when requirements are met.


ACEMAPP houses HIPAA, OSHA and Bloodborne Pathogens courses and assessments, as well as any other course requirements you may have. In addition, we’re able to create custom courses and assessments specific to your organization’s needs.

Integrations with background check, drug screen and clinical requirement verification providers allows for seamless management of all your clinical needs within ACEMAPP.

Coordinators are able to create custom member fields to get any piece of data that is needed, and make it required of members before they are able to join a rotation. Quickly see in any number of views who is ready for a rotation and who is not using ACEMAPP’s reporting tools. From there you may pull a list and email a group of compliant or non-compliant members.


Reporting allows members to quickly pull information such as “Rotation Preparedness”, “Incomplete Member”, “Rotation Calendar”, “Community Benefit” and more. Coordinators may also build and save custom reports based on member data, rotation data, requirement data, or assessment data in any order.

With the variety of filters available in every report, view, email, or export only what you need. Download spreadsheets of any report for your records. If the report you need doesn't already exist, talk with someone from our team about having it created!

Learning Management

Our learning management system is directly tied to rotation compliance. Students and faculty may take online courses and assessments directly from their dashboard. Results are instantly available.

We give authorized members the ability to choose which courses and assessments are required. Our staff is prepared to create courses and assessments specific to your organization which may include any number of questions and can be set to automatically expire depending on your needs. Authorized members may then view reports on who has passed, who has failed, and who has yet to take the test.

Security is a Top Priority

Rest assured that all data is secured using SSL-2048 bit encryption and is hosted in a HIPAA compliant, SSAE-16 certified data center.

Additionally, ACEMAPP keeps data safe and secure by securing, encrypting and monitoring access points while utilizing custom non-reversible password hashing algorithms and conducting penetration testing, vulnerability checks, malware and virus scans. ACEMAPP utilizes multiple redundant on and off-site backups and enforces policies protecting and segmenting accesses to system data.



Streamlined Process

ACEMAPP is a platform designed to create and ensure a standardized process for clinical education, saving time and resources.

Reduce administrative work by allowing students to access and submit all required information and paperwork electronically in a central location.

Improved Communication

Enjoy open communication between clinical sites and schools. Faculty can send and receive communications though ACEMAPP 24/7 in case of questions, concerns or emergencies. Schedule details are always available and changes are seen in real time.


Streamlined Process

Electronic rotation data allows you to know when students are at your facility, as well as any details that are helpful to have documented. The information collected on a rotation is flexible and customizable.

Flexible set-up allows rotation requests and details to be solely viewable to the appropriate people at your facility depending on discipline. Automatic emails notify the appropriate person when necessary.

Management Tools

ACEMAPP acts as a platform for managing affiliation agreements with schools, including an email notification when an affiliation is close to expiration.

Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to confidently calculate community benefit dollars, pull data to show trends in clinical education at your site, and gather data on vaccine numbers for required federal inquiries.


Pre-Rotation Preparation

Students and Faculty have access to all required orientation information and paperwork prior to arriving at the clinical site, allowing faculty to arrive ready to teach and students to arrive ready to learn.

Students and Faculty in ACEMAPP have a profile and a unique ID to track EMR access, badging, parking, and emergency contact information. Profiles may collect school or site- specific custom fields to track additional data.

24/7 Access

ACEMAPP is an intuitive online tool that is accessible from any browser. Students and Faculty can easily access immunization documents and certifications, as well as their clinical rotation history. Schedule details are always available and changes are seen in real time.

Consultation, Support & Service

Our collective experience in working with both school, clinical and consortium partners to come together around a streamlined process enables us to share best practices and assist with any transitions. ACEMAPP works with you and your team directly, and consulting services are available as part of a standard membership.

In addition to an in-depth knowledge base, ACEMAPP supports users by creating high-quality trainings, education and support videos.

Schedule a free demonstration

Have one of our team members show you our in-depth reporting, student and faculty management, and rotation management tools first hand.