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The story of ACEMAPP isn’t about software or databases. It’s a story about bringing together a group of diverse – and competing – stakeholders to maximize scarce clinical rotation resources in southeast Michigan.

Over several months, the Michigan Health Council led a consortium to create a common clinical rotation matching and scheduling process, standardize student on-boarding requirements, and develop a shared decision-making framework.
The result of this work is ACEMAPP, our web-based clinical rotation matching and management service. Since the initial launch in 2008, the product continues to grow and evolve to meet the changing demands of clinical and education partners.
Today ACEMAPP coordinates clinical rotation experiences across multiple professions,and includes features such as bulk uploading of rotation requests, customizable reports and dashboards, and an innovative interprofessional scheduling component.
As new needs arise in clinical education, ACEMAPP has the staff, flexibility, and expertise to find easy to use and sustainable solutions.

To date, we have been fortunate to work with regional partners to license and implement ACEMAPP in Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington. Every year we serve over 12,000 students and faculty from 150 clinical education programs, learning in 80 clinical sites.  

After more research and a comprehensive demonstration of the ACEMAPP system we hope to forge a new partnership with your organization. To schedule a demo, click here.

Learn more about the benefits of ACEMAPP here.