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ACEMAPP is a secure, online, clinical rotation matching,  student on-boarding, and document storage solution for clinical sites, schools and consortiums. Our mission is to provide an easy and efficient standardized process for clinical education, saving time and resources.


A Streamlined Process
Electronic rotation data allows you to know when students are at your facility, as well as any details that are helpful to have documented. The information collected on a rotation is flexible and customizable.

Flexible set-up allows rotation requests and details to be solely viewable to the appropriate people at your facility depending on discipline. Automatic emails notify the appropriate person when necessary.

Deliver your orientation through ACEMAPP.  Once assigned to a rotation at your site, users will automatically be assigned any courses, assessments, forms and requirements that you have indicated they need to complete based on their program, whether they are a student or faculty, and what unit they are placed on. Site coordinators, schools, and faculty can monitor student progress.

Custom reporting features enable you to easily send departments the information they need to prepare for students and faculty.
• Badging                • EMR access
• Parking permits    • Security

ACEMAPP aids in the orientation process during times of staff turnover by housing all important clinical education data in one place.

Custom Management Tools
ACEMAPP acts as a platform for managing affiliation agreements with schools, including an email notification when an affiliation is close to expiration.
Extensive reporting capabilities allow you to confidently calculate community benefit dollars, pull data to show trends in clinical education at your site, and gather data on vaccine numbers for required federal inquiries.  

Rotation rosters are delivered to you automatically once submitted by the schools in ACEMAPP.  All students and faculty are checked for compliance before the assignment to a roster can be completed. This ensures that all students and faculty at your facility have been verified by their school as compliant. 

Confidence during audits that student and faculty compliance verification is at your fingertips, regardless of when the rotation occurred.

The option of having access to student and faculty documents online, should you choose to require them to be uploaded.  The documents requested are customizable. 

Customizable user accounts dictate what each user at your site has permission to view/edit and what email notifications you would like to receive.


A ​Streamlined Process
ACEMAPP is a platform designed to create and ensure a standardized process for clinical education, saving time and resources.   
Reduce administrative work by allowing students to access and submit all required information and paperwork electronically in a central location.
Manage all clinical rotation experiences in one place.  Historical data held in ACEMAPP and our consulting services have proven extremely valuable during times of staff turnover. 
Schools and faculty can dramatically reduce reliance on paper by housing all documents and schedules electronically.  ACEMAPP’s bank of global requirements reduces the amount of duplication from site to site.

Improved Communication
Enjoy open communication between clinical sites and schools.  Faculty can send and receive communications though ACEMAPP 24/7 in case of questions, concerns or emergencies.  Schedule 
details are always available and changes are seen in real time. 

Custom Management Tools
Custom fields, requirements and delivery of course content allows for ACEMAPP to be used by schools as a total student management tool.

Reporting capabilities allow schools to deliver required onboarding information to any clinical site regardless of the site’s participation in ACEMAPP.

Integration with drug screen, background check and immunization verification vendors further streamline the clinical education and student onboarding process. 

Manage affiliation agreements with sites, including an email notification when an affiliation is close to expiration.

Schools can decide which staff should have access to which disciplines and the level of access given. 

Support & Service
The ACEMAPP team holds webinars, in-person training and provides one-on-one support for all users. ACEMAPP communicates with users to explain new features and provide timely reminders to make managing clinical rotations in ACEMAPP easier.


Pre-Rotation Preparation
Students and Faculty have access to all required orientation information and paperwork prior to arriving at the clinical site, allowing faculty to arrive ready to teach and students to arrive ready to learn.  
Students and Faculty in ACEMAPP have a profile and a unique ID to track EMR access, badging, parking, and emergency contact information. Profiles may collect school or site-specific custom fields to track additional data.

24/7 Access
ACEMAPP is an intuitive online tool that is accessible from any browser. Students and Faculty can easily access immunization documents and certifications, as well as their clinical rotation history.  Schedule details are always available and changes are seen in real time. 

ACEMAPP never sells or shares personal information for marketing purposes.  Rest  assured that all data is secured using SSL-228 bit encryption and is hosted in a HIPPA compliant, SSAE-16 SOC-2 and SOC-3 certified data center.  Additionally, ACEMAPP keeps data secure by
        •  Securing, encrypting and monitoring access points
        •  Utilizing custom non-reversible password hashing algorithms
        •  Performing routine penetration, vulnerability, malware, and virus checks
        •  Utilizing multiple redundant backups (on and off-site) 
        •  Restricting access to system data via employee policies