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Welcome to Atrium Health Floyd Student Experiences

We believe excellent clinical experiences, under the guidance of specially trained professionals, help prepare students for successful careers in healthcare. We encourage motivated students to learn more about the opportunities we offer at Atrium Health Floyd.

Atrium Health Floyd requires all students and instructors to be credentialed through our credentialing service, Acemapp before being allowed onsite for any student experience. Students will upload documents (see below) to Acemapp for each requirement. After uploading the required documents, any documents that are denied will have a reason noted. Check your Acemapp account to see why a document may have been denied. Upon approval of ALL requirements, you are then considered "compliant" and can get your ID badge to be onsite. ID badges are required for clinical experiences of any type and may be picked up at security on the 1st floor/basement of the hospital.

Please note your student experience request does not guarantee a placement. Clinical experience requests are prioritized and based on education program requirements and/or availability of a student slot.

Types of Student Experiences Offered at Atrium Health Floyd:

Observing/Shadowing – is an “observation only” experience to learn about healthcare careers. The student is assigned to a provider, one-on-one, for their shadowing time period. High school students, current Atrium Health Floyd volunteers, and college/grad students are eligible. High school students are allowed 40 hours max if they meet the criteria. High school students, contact your school's work-based learning coordinator. To apply for an Observer/Shadower experience you must register in ACEMAPP. If you are seeking experience for school-required credit, your school is required to create your account as you are seen as a student and do not qualify for observing/shadowing.

Click here to apply

Preceptor – is a one-on-one, student-to-provider experience that is required for college credit and has a required number of hours. Students currently enrolled in healthcare programs are eligible. Preceptor requests are set up by the student’s school coordinator in ACEMAPP, the credentialing service used to verify required documents. A current affiliate agreement (contract) must be in place with the student’s school to be onsite for preceptorship. Your school must be an approved affiliate partner. Contact your school coordinator for more information.

Clinical Rotation – is a pre-determined, specific set of days and/or times that a healthcare student or group of students must complete to satisfy school program requirements. Students currently enrolled in healthcare programs are eligible. Clinical rotations are set up by the student’s school coordinator in ACEMAPP, the credentialing service used to verify required documents. The current contract must be in place with the student’s school to be onsite for rotation. Contact your school coordinator for more information.


Depending on your desired type of student experience, you may be required to upload the following documents. Have them ready before applying:

*Criminal background check (can be done at your local sheriff’s department or contact PSI Background Screening) May require a fee. Must include a 7-year criminal background check on Social Security number, name and address history, National Sex Offender Registry check, and Office of the Inspector General exclusion check (OIG).

*Drug screen - 12 Panel Drug Screening (not required for Observer/Shadower) Some background checks and drug screens can be done together.

Immunizations including:

COVID - Atrium Health Floyd no longer requires COVID-19 vaccinations. However, if you have been vaccinated, we request that you upload your vaccination records.

MMR (REQUIRED - No exemptions accepted) 1st dose

2nd dose (at least 30 days after the first dose, if received as an adult)


Positive Titer Only (must include all)

Note: If any titer is negative and the student does not have proof of both doses, a booster is required after titer.*

Varicella (REQUIRED - No exemptions accepted)
1ST dose

2nd dose (at least 30 days after the first dose, if received as an adult)


Positive Titer Only

Hepatitis B (3 dose series) 1st dose

2nd dose (at least 30 days after first dose)

3rd dose (6 months after first dose)


Positive Titer Only

HEP B can be declined through a declination form on Acemapp

Flu (when in season) Atrium Health Floyd allows for FLU exemptions, but a request must be made and approved through Acemapp. The application does not guarantee an exemption.

TB test (REQUIRED - No exemptions accepted) One recent negative test is required (Can be PPD, T-spot, or QFT) For a positive test, a chest X-ray must be submitted When uploading, make sure the X-ray goes into the correct chest X-ray requirement area

Donning and Doffing PPE Competency/Infectious Disease Acknowledgement - The two forms must be completed by the school instructor and include the instructor's signature and date, indicating student competency in the usage of PPE.

ID Badges ID badges are required to be onsite. When uploading a photo to a student's Acemapp profile, the photo must meet the following requirements. Current headshot in color. Be in front of a plain, solid, light blue background; no patterns, textures, or scenic backgrounds. Face straight ahead, looking directly into the camera. Shirts with sleeves. No hats, tinted glasses, or other articles that may obstruct the face or hair should be worn. (exceptions: religious headpieces, eyeglasses) No other visible people or objects should be in the photo. No name badges. No photo filters. Your driver's license or state ID is NOT acceptable and should not be uploaded here. Photos uploaded are visible to everyone on the platform. Image files must be at least 256x256 pixels JPGs for processing. id badge photo example

Additional Requirements - depends on student experience selected and may include but not be limited to: Parental Consent for students under 18 years of age

Orientation (Floyd) module

Medical Orientation (Floyd) module

Confidentiality/HIPAA module and form (Floyd)

Sharps Attestation (Floyd)

EPIC EMR training modules (required only for medical and nursing students, faculty/instructors)

Direct questions to Stacey Janes, Clinical Placement Coordinator Acemapp + Colleges + Rotations 706.509.5136

Direct questions to Joy James, Clinical Placement Coordinator Acemapp + High Schools + Shadowing 706.509.3936