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Welcome to Atrium Health Floyd Observer/Shadower Experiences

Atrium Health Floyd is an exciting place for future and participating healthcare professionals. Located in Rome, GA, we offer an array of clinical research, state-of-the-art facilities, innovative leadership, and advanced technology. As a leader in healthcare, our student experience programs consistently prepare clinicians for success in our healthcare community.

For STUDENTS interested in a career in healthcare seeking insight into the hospital or clinic setting, we offer a variety of clinical student experiences. Whether you are a high school student beginning your career path voyage or a medical student nearing graduation, we can assist you in your journey to find the best fit for you. High school students should contact their school’s work-based learning coordinator if they want to observe/shadow for credit.


A. Observer (Participants- 16 years of age or healthcare program students requiring hours for their applications.) Note: You must be 18 years old to observe in Surgical areas.

B. Minor Observer (Students must be 16 years of age to observe/shadow in all areas except surgery, where students must be at least 18 years old.) Parental consent is required.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO OBSERVE/SHADOW? Anyone 16 years or older. If requesting an experience in surgery, you must be at least 18.

REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR THE OBSERVER/SHADOW APPLICATION: The person you are observing/shadowing must be secured before applying. The name and email of the provider who will be hosting the student is required for application request.

REQUIRED INFORMATION AFTER APPLICATION IS APPROVED: See STUDENTS page for more detailed information on requirements.

*7-year Criminal Background Check

*12-panel Drug Screen (not required for 17 years of age or younger or those shadowing/observing)

*Immunization records

*Completion of orientation materials/modules

*Abide by all Atrium Health Floyd policies

*Wear a mask when indicated or for personal preference

Wear an ID badge at all times ID Badges ID badges are required to be onsite. When uploading a photo to a student's Acemapp profile, the photo must meet the following requirements. Current headshot in color. Be in front of a plain, solid, light blue background; no patterns, textures, or scenic backgrounds. Face straight ahead, looking directly into the camera. Shirts with sleeves. No hats, tinted glasses, or other articles that may obstruct the face or hair should be worn. (exceptions: religious headpieces, eyeglasses) No other visible people or objects should be in the photo. No name badges. No photo filters. Your driver's license or state ID is NOT acceptable and should not be uploaded here. Photos uploaded are visible to everyone on the platform. Image files must be at least 256x256 pixels JPGs for processing.* id badge photo example

*Comply with dress code expectations (link to policy)

Direct questions to Stacey Janes, Clinical Placement Coordinator Acemapp + Colleges + Rotations 706.509.5136

Direct questions to Joy James, Clinical Placement Coordinator Acemapp + High Schools + Shadowing 706.509.3936