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Welcome to your Clinical Experience at Hurley Medical Center.

Checklist for Student Rotations
Parking Map


Public Safety office hours: Mon-Fri 7:00 am-3:30 pm. They are closed from 12-1 for lunch. Arrive at least ½ hour before they close to get through the badging process in one trip (avoid noon hour) Cashiers office hours are 8:00am-4:30pm Mon-Fri

Process When you come for your ID badges, please stop at the Cashier’s Office near the West Lobby (near the cafeteria) and pay for your Hurley ID badge.
They will give you a receipt to take to Public Safety Office to obtain your badge (across from GI Lab).

Displaying Badge
Badges shall be conspicuously located on the authorized person’s body, at the waist or above, with their name and photograph clearly visible. Nothing shall be attached to either side of the badge, such as stickers, pins or labels, that obscures the name, photo, or title of the wearer.
Badges must be continuously worn while on premises. Badges may only be used by the person to whom it is assigned. Badges shall not to be borrowed or shared. The person to whom a badge is assigned is responsible for the safekeeping of his or her badge.

Students, Vendors, Contractors are required to provide:

  • A deposit of $50.00 that will be refunded upon return of Badge;
  • An executed HIPAA agreement form;
  • An executed agreement to comply with terms and conditions of this policy.
  • Badges damaged from normal use or due to informational changes will be replaced free of charge. Badge replacement due to loss; damage from neglect or misuse; or failure to properly secure will require a $10.00 replacement fee.
  • The Public Safety Manager has the right to modify, suspend or terminate Badge Access Level at any time.
  • The Public Safety Manager shall implement procedures to ensure the efficient review and issuance of Badges.
  • Badges must be promptly retuned upon termination of the relationship with Hurley Medical Center.
  • The deposit will remain outstanding until the ID is returned. If you plan on keeping their ID for the duration of their educational relationship with Hurley, then the original deposit will be retained. This will make it so you will not have to go through the process on a semester by semester basis.
  • Students, Contractors and Vendors who fail to return their badges within seven (7) days of the termination of their relationship with Hurley shall forfeit their Badge deposit.
  • Public Safety and Information Technology will coordinate review of Badge usage on a quarterly basis to ensure unused Badges are promptly disabled.
  • Public Safety will seek to recover each Badge upon termination of the relationship.
  • Because of security concerns it has been determined that everyone coming to the Public Safety office to get a badge will need to provide picture identification.
  • Also bring a copy of their certificate that shows you have completed the HIPAA HealthStream assignment. Bringing this certificate will prevent you from needing to sign the confidentiality form in the Public Safety office.

Dress Code
Uniforms shall be otherwise unadorned except for school association, and length-of-service pins Employees shall not wear dangling earrings (post type is acceptable and earrings if worn must be on the lobe of the ear). Dangling earrings and jewelry/appliances affixed to other visible body piercings are prohibited. Bracelets, necklaces, or other decorative jewelry while in uniform and on duty or where it poses a possible safety hazard is prohibited Hair must be neat, clean, and well groomed at all times so as not to pose a safety hazard or be inappropriate for a business setting Fingernails should be kept short and well manicured. Fingernails should be no longer than 1/8th of an inch beyond the end of the finger, Due to the risk of infection, artificial nails and nail enhancers (i.e., wraps and extenders) are prohibited in all patient care areas

EPIC Training

New students must complete an Epic e-learning module attached to the HealthStream Learning. It is the responsibility of all students to complete this training prior to starting clinical rotations at HMC. If all steps have been completed as outlined, you will receive an email from that will require you to verify yourself. Please do this verification within 3 days of getting the email. This email will create a user ID for you once you complete the verification without any errors. If you have trouble completing the verification please contact Sarita Jones at (810) 262-9823.

*** NOTE: Please type your first and last name with the first letter capitalized. Your email address should be typed in all lowercase.

You will then receive 2 emails. One will have your user name and the other will contain the format of the password. Your Epic access will be ready for you on your first day at Hurley.

Student Parking

All students will be directed to two specific lots (this is for Day shift only). Please see the graphic below. The lots are highlighted in “teal”. Note: badge is needed for access to Lot M, but not for the gravel lot off of Grand Traverse. For 2nd shift students, Please park in the ramp and the adjacent lot which is only accessible from within the ramp **Until further notice, the students are allowed to park in Lot H, Lot M, the Gravel Lot and the Parking Structure (levels 3 to 5).

Please note: Parking in locations other than assigned lots infringes upon allocated spaces for our customers and their families; cars parking in unauthorized locations will be ticketed and required to pay a fine.


To access specific policies and standards on Hurley Medical Center’s Intranet:

  • Open the HMC Intranet homepage
  • Click on “Standard Practices
  • You can search by topic or view all Nursing Standard Practices (#1000-1999)
  • Click on Clinical Information
  • Lippincott Nursing Solutions
  • Advisor
  • Procedures and Policies


Badge: Benita Smith in the Public Safety office at 810-262-9637

Accudose: Wendy Koontz-Beatty at 810-262-9082

Supply Cabinet: Sarita Jones 810-262-9823

EPIC: Sarita Jones at 810-262-9823

Glucometer: Lisa Haffner at 810-262-6525