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As clinical instructors at Southwest General Health Center (SWGHC), you are responsible to review and understand the following materials. Please provide timely access of content below to Clinical Instructors and students.


The following process has been developed to streamline the manner in which nursing clinical rotations and practicums are managed at SWGHC. Please review the process algorithm below as deviation may create a delay in processing requests.

Nursing Student Algorithm

Three weeks prior to the start date of the rotation, rosters must be provided with clinical instructor and student information.


Nursing Instructor/Student Guide

Pre-Arrival Information Review/Documents Required

Clinical Instructor Training Classes

It is mandatory that clinical instructors be aware of Clinical Policy CP-016 Undergraduate Nursing Students. All instructors that have not been at SWGHC within the last twelve (12) months must complete the Clinical Instructor virtual class prior to the beginning of a rotation. As of 2021 Southwest General Health Center will have Clinical Instructors complete their orientation in person. Please contact Patricia Wingenfeld 440-816-4571 to schedule your orientation. All new clinical instructors are required to take a medication exam.

Clinical Policy CP-016 Undergraduate Nursing Students

Policy 614 Uniform, Dress and Grooming Guidelines

Policy 650 Access to Information Systems

**Vaccine Documentation***

Flu and Covid Vaccine Requirements for Nursing Students 2023-2024

Please communicate the following with all students having clinical rotations at Southwest through March 31,2024.

Students must comply by November 1st, 2023

All designated Southwest General personnel providing direct care must receive an influenza vaccine or wear a mask whenever they come within a six-foot radius of a patient during influenza season (November 1, 2023 thru March 31, 2024)

Thank you to your prompt attention to this matter.

Vaccine (flu and Covid) documents should be uploaded into ACEMAPP.

We always strive to exemplify our mission, which includes the statement that “Compassion is our Way.” Ultimately, it is important to create a safe workplace culture where all employees feel supported. Our top priority is the health and safety of our employees and our patients. For questions, please call Joni Edwards in Human Resources at 440-816-8013.

Policy 610- Parking Regulations

Faculty & Student Parking Locations

Medication Test Practice

Infusion Management

Please review the following power point and links prior to your clinical arrival:
Infusion Management

Arrival Information/Documents for Clinical Instructors and Students


    • Students and instructors are required to obtain their badge prior to their orientation at SWGHC. Please schedule an appointment to obtain your badge by calling: 440-816-8025. Complete the Badge Access Form and bring your driver’s license to your appointment. A $10.00 fee will be charged for any badges not returned.
    • Human Resource office hours for student badges:
      Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Badge Access Form

Unit Specific Checklist

Faculty/clinical instructor is responsible for ensuring the unit specific checklist is completed and returned via email to Brigid Dunlap () within 24 hours of orientation.

Unit Specific Checklist

Unit Specific Orientation Attendance Record

Faculty/clinical instructor is responsible for the Unit Specific Orientation Attendance Record to run this document in within 24 hours of orientation completion. Failure to do so will prevent in escalation to the Program Director. Submit form to Brigid Dunlap ().

Unit Specific Orientation Attendance Record

Computer Sign on Instructions

Computer Sign On Instructions

Single Sign On - Fingerprint Management

Single Sign On- Fingerprint Management