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Your ACEMAPP ePortfolio

Your ACEMAPP ePortfolio

Your ACEMAPP ePortfolio acts as an online resume that can be made publicly visible to fellow ACEMAPP users, as well as colleagues and employers. Access and share information such as your education, your experience, and your accomplishments in one easy place.

Get started by logging into your ACEMAPP account at

Accessing your ePortfolio

You can access your ePortfolio by either clicking on the Edit my ePortfolio button on your Central Dashboard.

You can also access your ePortfolio by clicking on your name in the upper-right corner, then select ePortfolio in the drop-down menu.

Image shows an arrow pointing to the highlighted "Edit my ePortfolio" button on the "Dashboard" page. Image shows arrows pointing the the username drop-down in the upper-right corner and the highlighted ePortfolio button.

Key Features

Image shows arrows pointing to the "Manage Visibility" and privacy settings buttons. Image also shows the higlighted "Personal Summary" and "Toggle Menu" buttons.

Personal Summary:
When first setting up your portfolio, click this button to open the editor screen allowing you to introduce yourself.
Toggle Menu:
Clicking this will open or close the category menu, allowing you to add more sections to your portfolio.
Manage Visibility:
Allows you to make all aspects of your profile private, protected or public with a single click. A description of each setting is explained when you manage your visibility. You may also make changes to individual sections by clicking on the privacy options available in the upper right corner of each section.
NOTE: In order for your school coordinator to view your ePortfolio information, you must have your settings on protected or public.
Add Section:
Allows you to add information to your ePortfolio such as education, experience (including CV and Resumes), accomplishments, and a personal summary (About Me).
The 'Arrows':
Allows you to rearrange the order of information presented to your preference.
The 'Preview button':

Allows you to view what your public ePortfolio (visible to anyone) looks like, as well as your private ePortfolio (visible only to people logged in ACEMAPP).

Basic Functions

To add a section of information, make sure the menu is not hidden, click "Show Menu", find the section you wish to add, then click the appropriate category (example to add a school, find the Education section and then click “ + School & Degree”, fill in the information, click “Save”.

image ePortfolio screen highlighting Add Education tile, pointing to add School & Degree button image edit/add School information screen pointing to Visibility button and + Add button

image School & Degree view, showing Edit, Delete, and Visibility options

To add more information to an existing section, click "+ Add".

To delete the information you have already added, click "Delete".

CV and Resumes

You can upload a resume or CV into ACEMAPP. This is found in the "Experience" section.

Click "CV/Resume File" on the menu. This will load the section to the bottom of your page.

image ePortfolio showing Education and Experience sections pointing to CV/Resume File

To upload, click the Upload CV/Resume button.

image upload cv/resume box highlighting button

In the file-upload window, click "Browse..." to open the file explorer. Find and select the file, click Open, and then click "Submit".

image file browse

Make sure you select if you want to show your CV/Resume, this will turn off access to your upload regardless of what your view settings are set at.

image save resume

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