Uploading Documents for Students or Faculty

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Uploading Documents for Students or Faculty content

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Uploading Documents for Students or Faculty

School coordinators have the option to upload documents on behalf of students or faculty.

NOTE: As a School User, by you uploading the document, it will be automatically approved.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click "Members" and then select "Student" in the Affiliation column. Image shows member tab and student under affiliation

Step 2:

From the Manage Students (Affiliated) screen, find the student's name and click on "Member Documents".
Image shows Member Documents icon

Step 3:

Click the Requirement name from the list on the left.
image requirement selection panel

Step 4:

Depending on the Requirement, you may be required to enter a Completion date and/or an Expiration date. Upload the document by clicking "Browse". Click "Submit Document" after you have completed the required fields.
Image shows upload area for Requirements

NOTE: If there is more than one file, select the first file for Select a file and then select the remaining documents for Additional Files. You may also enter any notes about the requirement.

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