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Form Hours Report

Form Hours Report

The Forms Hours report allows you as a School Coordinator/Instructor to view the total hours that students have logged for a specific course. This report will also provide further details including what forms were approved by the school and the specific rotation ID number. You may view it in your browser or export it to a spreadsheet.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click "Reporting".
image shows reporting tab

Step 2:

From the list of reports, select the "Form Report".
Image shows form report tile

Step 3:

Complete the required information, including the course and course status:

"Complete" status means the Member has already completed the course.
"Active" status means the member is currently in the course.
"All" includes both Completed and Active.

You may narrow your search further by including a date for "Courses Starting After" or "Courses Ending Before". image shows form report information fields

Step 4:

Click the "Submit" button to view the results. image shows submit and generate csv option

Note: You may also click "Generate CSV" to export the results to a spreadsheet. Once the CSV has been created, the button will change and you may then click to "Download CSV" button. This is a necessary step if you would like to determine the sum of all course hours.

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