Corporate Screening (Verify Students) & Medicat (ImmuniTrax)

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Corporate Screening (Verify Students) & Medicat (ImmuniTrax) content

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Corporate Screening (Verify Students) & Medicat (ImmuniTrax)

ACEMAPP interfaces with ImmuniTrax to simplify the compliance process for you. ImmuniTrax (by Medicat) is used for clinical requirement verification.

Important Note: ImmuniTrax interface is activated via Verify Students. You will see the "Verify Students" logo on your homepage, and you may not see an ImmuniTrax/Medicat logo.

  • For questions related to Verify Students and enabling the interface, please contact Verify Students support at 1-800-229-8606.
  • For questions related to ImmuniTrax, please contact ImmuniTrax support at

How to create or link your ImmuniTrax account:

Step 1:

From your home screen, click on the company logo under "Vendors" 1. You will be redirected to the Verify Students website.

Enter the promotion code provided by your school coordinator. If you do not have a promotion code, please contact your school coordinator. Then click "Continue" 2.

Two Screenshots.  The first shows the Verify Students logo in the ACEMAPP Vendors section.  The second shot shows the Verify Students login screen.

Step 2:

The information you entered already for your ACEMAPP profile will be transferred over to Verify Students to ease the account creation process. Confirm transferred information and enter the additional required information to start your background check, drug screen, and requirement verification.

Important Note: If you already have a Verify Students account, please enter your Email* and Password to create the link.
*Emails must be the same in both Verify Students and ACEMAPP. If the email addresses are different, update your ACEMAPP account with your Verify Students' email address.

Screen Shot showing verify students account creation inputs.

Step 3:

Once you complete the Verify Students process, you will be emailed login instructions for ImmuniTrax. If you do not receive an email with instructions, contact ImmuniTrax support at

Screen shot of email declaring a successful account creation

Step 4:

Login to ImmuniTrax with the details provided in the ImmuniTrax registration email and complete the required items. If you run into any issues on ImmuniTrax, please contact ImmuniTrax support at

Screen Shot of ImmuniTrax login

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at or call us at 844-223-4292.

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