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Case Logs - Student content

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Case Logs - Student

Case Logs - Student

The Case Log system allows students to document their case log information into ACEMAPP. It is important to document the breadth of your experience and to monitor your experience to ensure you have adequate volume and variety.

Step 1:

From your home screen, select "Case Logs" from your main menu options.

  • *If you do not see "Case Logs" across your menu options, select "More" and then select "Case Logs" from the drop-down.

image student nav-bar pointing to Case Log button

Step 2:

Next click, "New Case Log" to begin.

image Case Log nav-bar pointing to New Case Log button

NOTE: If you have case logs that require your attention, click on the case log type Title in the Case Log Type column.

manage case log table screen

Step 3:

Select the appropriate "Case Log Type" then, click "Create New".

image Select a case log type screen highlight example options

Step 4:

Under General enter all required Site Information, Codes, Patient Demographics, Clinical Information, and Other Information.

NOTE: Case logs could have less or more then what is shown here, based on your school's set requirements.

If all the Required fields are not completed, the Log will not be created.

image screenshot Case Log example pointing to required fields

NOTE: The Age field(s) are required fields. However, you only need to fill in Years or Months. If Prenatal Visits, make sure to select Yes and then enter the Fetus Age in Weeks.

Step 5:

When you have completed all the required fields, choose your Save option:

Save & Exit:
Saves your information then takes you back to the Case Log table.
Save & Enter New Log at Current Site:
Saves and opens a new log entry keeping Clinical Site information.
Save & Enter New Log with Current Patient:
Saves and opens a new log entry keeping patient information.

image Save options button group

NOTE: When filling in Clinical Notes, make sure to follow HIPAA confidentiality guidelines.

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