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Time Log - Create

Time Logs keep track of your time spent with preceptors. If you choose, you can connect your time logs to specific skills used, assisted with, or performed during your time with your preceptor.

Step 1

From your home screen, click the "Time Logs" tab to open the Time Log table.

image nav-bar highlighting Time Log button

If you do not see the "Time Logs" tab on the nav-bar, click the "More" button and from the drop-down, click "Time Logs" to open the Time Log table.

image user navbar highlighting More button and Time Log button

Step 2

NOTE: If you have more than one type of time log, you can select the Time Log Type on the table. If you only have one Time Log Type, skip to Step 3.

Select the appropriate Time Log Type by clicking on the link.

Step 3

Next, click "New Time Log" to create a Time Log.

image Time and Case Log button group highlighting New Time Log button

Step 4

Fill In Log Step 1:

Fill in the Required information, Date, and Preceptor (if available).
Click the "Save" button to save your information.

image Time Log edit screen highlighting Date and Preceptor fields

Fill In Log Step 2:

Under "Step 2", you may enter your 'hours, minutes, and any relevant notes, upload any additional documentation (if your school has turned this feature on)'.

NOTE: If the date of time log matches the date on your case log, case log information will automatically load on the screen, allowing you to select the appropriate Case Log, connecting the two activities. If the dates do not match, nothing will appear.

image time log step 2 screen highlighting Hours and Minutes fields

NOTE: Skill Tracking, Specialty, and Specialty Hours are determined by your school. If you are unsure, please verify with your school coordinator.

Step 5

Specialties (Optional)

Specialty and Specialty Hours, if turned on, click "Specialty"

Select the appropriate specialty from the drop-down.

Only one specialty is available per log. To enter additional specialty/specialty hours, create a new time log for each specialty.

Skills (Optional)

Skills are grouped and displayed as such. For each group, use the drop-down menu to select the skill to add. For the selected skill, you will select the level at which you fulfilled the skill. When all desired skills have been added for your time log, click "Save" at the bottom of your page.

To remove a skill, check the box next to the skill you would like to remove and click "Save" to save your changes.

image Add Skill screen

Step 6

Click "Submit:" to send the log to your school and preceptor for approval.

image Time Log confirmation highlighting Submit button

Step 7

To review your submitted time logs, click "Time Logs" from your home screen.

Click on the Time Log Type (if applicable).

Click on the "Edit" (pencil) icon next to your time log to edit your time log, or click the "View" (eye) icon to view it.

image Time Log table

NOTE: Time logs may be sent back to you to update or correct from whoever is approving them. These logs statuses are set to "Needs Info". Be sure to view the log, as there may be a note included on why the log was not approved. At which point, you may update the log and re-save following the steps outlined above.


Who approves my time logs?

All-time logs are approved by your preceptor, faculty, or school coordinator. Once you save and submit your time log, it will be set to a pending status until approved by your preceptor, faculty, or school.

How do I know if my time log has been approved?

Your Time Log table displays a status for your time log. It will either say Pending, Approved, or Deleted.

How do I know if my time log is connected to my case log?

You know if your time log has connected to your case log after you click "Save", the Case Log will be linked at the bottom of the Time Log.

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