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Time Log - Approval

Approve Student Time Log

ACEMAPP Time Logs allow members to track time spent with a Preceptor or at a Clinical site. Follow these steps to approve or deny time logs that have been submitted by students.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click the orange "Pending Time Log" notification button to review pending time logs.

-OR- You may also click the "Time Logs" tab on your home screen.

Alternatively: You may need to look for Time Logs in the "More" tab drop-down menu.

image Example dashboard highlighting Notification button and time log button on nav-bar

NOTE: If your organization uses multiple Time Log types, click the Time Log title to view the logs awaiting approval.

Step 2:

Click the "List" button next to the Time Log you wish to approve (some school coordinators have multiple time logs).

Active Time Logs
Time Logs that are "Active" are available for review.
Locked Time Logs
Time Logs that are "Locked" have closed and cannot be reviewed.

image Time Log Type table highlighting list button

Step 3a:

Approve Individual Logs:

You see a table of all of your students' time logs. These logs are separated by status. You may automatically view your Pending Logs. You can approve logs individually or in bulk.

Step 1:

To approve individually, click the "Edit" (pencil) icon next to the specific time log.

image shows edit pencil for time log

Step 2:

Select "Approve," "Needs Info," or "Deny" from the drop-down.

Add any note in the Entity Notes section.

image shows approval notes

Note: Selecting "Needs Info" will send the log back to the author, allowing them to update the log. It is suggested to leave a note to explain why the log was set to "Needs Info".

Step 3:

NOTE: Before saving the Time Log, you may see a message stating that there are skills attached to the time log. Please see the Skills section below for steps.

Click "Save".

NOTE: Clicking the Save & Next button saves your changes to the time log and then moves to the next log awaiting approval.

Step 3b:

Bulk Approve Time Logs:

To approve in bulk, select all of the boxes next to the time log you wish to approve, then click the "Approve Selected" button at the top of your Time Log table.

image shows bulk selected to approve


Before saving your edit, the Log may have Skills. You can view the skills, add, edit, or remove them as needed.

Step 1:

On the Time Log screen, on the Navigation panel, click "Skills" to open the Skills form.

image shows skill tab in the navigation menu

Step 2:

On the Skills form, you can see the selection the member selected and at what level.

You have the ability to remove or add Skills.

image shows skills to view or add

Step 3:

Click "Save" to save the Skills form.

image shows save options

Step 4:

On the Navigation panel, click "General" to be taken back to the Time Log.

image shows the general tab in the navigation menu

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