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Waiver Requirements

Waiver Requirements

ACEMAPP allows for the tracking of requirement items in one accessible location, including those that require a waiver.

This feature allows you to waive specific requirements your organization does not need to fulfilled for certain reasons.

Step 1:

To waive a requirement that is set to Allow Waiver (contact ACEMAPP Support to see if any requirements is flagged to this setting), click the "Members" tab from your main home screen.

Select the "Student" tab in the "Affiliation" column or the "Rotation" column based on your preferences.

Image pointing to Student tab under Affiliation column and Rotation column on Members tab from main entity dashboard

Step 2:

Click the "Requirements" (book icon) in the "Actions" column for the desired student.

Manage Students by Affiliation

Image pointing to requirement icon under action column for student in Students (Affiliated) table

Manage Students by Rotation

Image pointing to requirement icon under actions column for student on manage students (by rotation) table

Step 3:

Locate the requirement item you would like to waive.

If a waiver is available for the requirement, a "Yes/No" toggle is listed in the "Waiver" column.

If a waiver is not available for the requirement, "N/A" is listed in the "Waiver" column.

Please contact ACEMAPP Support for questions regarding the setting of a requirement which does not have a waiver toggle listed.

Image pointing to Waiver column, the yes/no toggle, N/A on managing requirements page

Step 4:

Click the toggle to "Yes" to waive the requirement.

In the text field under the "Complete" column, enter the date on which you are waiving the requirement.

Once the date text fields are entered, and you have the toggle switched, leave any important notes regarding the waived item in the "Requirement Notes" section.

Click the "Save" button to save your changes.

Image pointing to "yes" selected on waiver toggle, the save button, the complete column, the expires column, N/A under expires column, required field under expires column, required field under the complete column and a requirement notes section on managing requirements page

NOTE: It is necessary to enter a "Completion Date" . It is only required to enter an "Expiration Date" if there is a text box listed under the "Expires" column. If "N/A" is listed under this column, you do not need to enter in an expiration date.

For additional information regarding this feature, please see the related articles below.

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