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Survey - Manually Sending Reminder

Survey - Manually Sending Reminder

You can send broadcast messages to members within the Survey system.

Step 1:

From your home screen click on the "Surveys" tab to open the Survey Builder screen.
image Dashboard highlighting Survey button

Step 2:

Click on the "Reports" icon found in Actions column.
image Survey Actions button

Step 3:

On Member List panel, click on the "Member List" button.
image shows member list

Step 4:

On the Member List screen, the list is categorized by Pending, Active, and Complete (if the results are not Anonymized).
Select the appropriate tab.
Image shows the list of pending, active, and complete

Pending Status
The member has not opened the Survey yet.
Active Status
The member has opened the Survey but has not submitted it yet.
Complete Status
The member has completed the Survey and submitted it.

Step 5:

Select the member who you wish to send an email to by putting a check in the box next to their names and then click on the Email Selected button.
image shows to select to students and click email selected

Step 6:

Enter a Reply To email address, a Subject, and the Body of the Email and click "Save".
image Broadcast Message screen step oneimage shows save tab

Step 7:

Attach a New File (optional), click "Save & Continue" to continue to the next step. Or click "Save & Add More" if you wish to add an additional attachment.
image shows broadcast message step 2

Step 8:

Our internal system will run a spam check. Click "Continue".
image shows broadcast message step 3

Step 9:

The Manage Members step allows you to remove members you decided not to email. Click on "Save & Continue" to go to the Final Step or click "Save & Stay on This Page" to make additional edits.
image shows broadcast message step 4

Step 10:

Finally, click the "Send Broadcast Message" to send your email to the selected members.
image shows broadcast message step 5image shows send broadcast message tab

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