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Completing Your Profile
Member Types:

The Update Profile page allows you to enter and edit your personal information in ACEMAPP.

To update your Profile, click your "Name" in the top-right-hand corner and select "Profile" from the drop-down menu.

image shows profile tab from drop-down

Profile Completion

As you complete your required profile areas, you will see a red "X" turn to a Green Check. To proceed to your Home Page, you must eliminate the Red "X's."

Icon Status Description
image green box with check mark COMPLETE This section has been filed in for all required elements.
image red box with X INCOMPLETE This section has not been filled enough to consider Complete or it is missing Required information.
image grey box with dash OPTIONAL FIELD This section is optional and currently has no effect on your account. This can change depending on future connections and affiliations.

Note: If you are a School or Clinical User, only the "General Tab" is required before accessing your Home Page.

image show field complete icons in nav menu

General Tab

Enter/Update your Name, Address, Phone Number, Birth Date, Gender, turn Accessibility Mode Off/On in ACEMAPP, or turn on ACEMAPP's Career Matching System. Click "Save" before moving to a new section.

Note: Required fields (noted with an orange tab) are needed for specific institutions you are affiliated with.

image shows general info to complete and save button

Emergency Tab

Enter your Emergency Contacts Name, Relationship, Contact Phone Number, or Contact Address. Click "Save" before moving to a new section.

image shows emergency contact fields and save button

Security Info Tab

Enter your Birth City, Drivers License, Home Country, Citizenship status, the last four digits of your SSN or Student Visa, License Plate #, Vehicle Make/Model, and Mother's Maiden Name. Click "Save" before moving to a new section.

image shows security tab and save button

Custom Tab

You can enter the information if your school/site has any custom fields required. Click "Save" before moving to a new section.

image shows custom fields and save button


Fill in any professional licenses you possess. You can also upload an image of your license. If you do not have any Licenses, please leave this section blank. Click "Save" before moving to a new section.

image shows license fields and save button


The Photo panel allows you to upload a photo into ACEMAPP. The image must be in a .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, or .bmp format. Click "Save" before moving to a new section.

Note: "Clear Current Photo?" must be toggled to "No" when attempting to upload a photo for the first time.

image shows photo fields and save button


Enter/Update or add an email address to your account. You will need to verify each email address on your account. Rotation, Requirement, and other essential Membership notifications will be sent to the email address you enter/verify. Click "Save" before moving to a new section.

**When removing an email address, you must enter your password in the field below the email table.**

Note: To ensure that you receive all emails from ACEMAPP, please add our email domain or our email addresses ( and to your Not Spam/Junk email list.

image shows email fields and save button


Change your password. Click "Save" before moving to a new section.

image shows password fields and save button

Google 2Factor Auth

This feature allows you to add an extra layer of security to your ACEMAPP account. To enable this, select YES and then Scan the QR code with your Smart Phone using the Google Authenticator App. Click "Save" before moving to a new section.

Note: Once this feature is enabled, you must have access to the Authenticator code, as it will be necessary to log in to ACEMAPP.

image shows google auth fields and save button

Security Questions

These optional fields make it easier to identify you when contacting ACEMAPP Support. Select a "Security Question" to answer and enter your Answer in the space provided. Click "Save" before moving to a new section.

image shows security questions and save button


You can opt-out if you no longer wish to receive notifications from ACEMAPP. Select the mailing to opt-out and click "Save" to update your settings.

Note: If you are a student, we advise you not to opt-out of any emails, as we will only send you emails that are relevant to your account status.

image shows opt out fields and save button

Entity Edit Permissions

This feature allows your school to access your profile and edit information such as your email address, date of birth, and other profile questions. To grant your school access, click inside the "New Permission" field and select your school from the drop-down menu. Click "Save" before moving to a new section.

image shows entity permissions and save button

The Profile allows you to enter and edit personal information in ACEMAPP.

The Profile allows you to enter and edit personal information in ACEMAPP.

The Profile allows you to enter and edit personal information in ACEMAPP.

The Profile allows you to enter and edit personal information in ACEMAPP.

An Affiliation is a connection between a Member and an Entity.

Affiliations define Member Types and often include Graduation or End Dates.

An Entity is a School, Clinical Site, High School, Company, etc.

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When being invited to ACEMAPP, you will receive a welcome email containing a link allowing you to set your password. If you did not receive an email, or already are an ACEMAPP member, you can easily reset your password.
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Your school or clinical site may gather information using Custom Fields. Custom Fields are located on your home page and can also be accessed through the Custom Fields tab of your profile.
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ACEMAPP follows industry standards for password security and utilizes a password strength meter, which requires passwords to be at a minimum strength of 2 (out of 4). The system will dynamically show you the password score as you type and provide feedback.
Opt-Out Email Messages
While constantly getting email notifications can be annoying we have an Opt-Out feature that turns off these notifications so you do not not need to mark ACEMAPP email as Spam.  Once an email is tagged as Spam it is always considered as Spam/Junk and any email sent will not reach your inbox.
Setting Entity Edit Permission
Students and School Coordinators must work together to ensure that information in ACEMAPP matches what is used by the school and clinical site. A student has control of the General Information in their profile. In some cases, schools and clinical sites will also want to have the ability to edit this information. Students must grant permission to their respective entity if the entity wants to be able to update student's general information. 
Resending Email Verification Link
You will not be able to access your account without verifying your email. We will send a verification email to each email address on your account. Please check your email inbox, including spam folders, and click the link provided within the email to complete the verification process. Verification emails are valid for seven days, after which they will expire.