Getting Started with ACEMAPP

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Getting Started with ACEMAPP

Getting Started with ACEMAPP

Welcome to ACEMAPP! This guide provides you with an overview of how to navigate the ACEMAPP system to help you meet compliance for your upcoming clinical rotations.

Please read through this article to get started, or you may quickly jump to one of the options below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Requirements
  3. Learning Materials
  4. Third-Party Vendors
  5. FAQ's


Within ACEMAPP, each school and the clinical site has different requirements.

To meet compliance for your clinical rotation(s), any outstanding items that are required for you to complete are on your home screen (homepage).

These items are divided up into "Requirements"" (background checks, immunizations, electronic forms, etc.) and "Learning Materials"".
image shows student home page


Your specific requirements are found in the All Requirements table.


The Requirements table is broken down into three sections:

Requirements that are completed. Nothing more is needed at this time.
Incomplete Requirements:
Requirements that are still outstanding. Upload the document (if available) or submit to your school coordinator for review.
Expiring Requirements:
Requirements that expire soon. Upload the document (if available) or submit to your school coordinator for review.

image shows requirements table

NOTE: You do not have access to resubmit your expiring requirements until 60-days before the expiration date in ACEMAPP.*

The table includes the name of the requirement, the date completed, the date of expiration, "Waiver" (if the school or clinical site allows waivers for the requirement), and two additional columns:

Pre-Req Valid:
Pre-Req is required before rotation assignment. These are typically requirements set by your school.
Post-Req Valid:
Post-Req is required after rotation assignment. These are typically requirements set by the clinical site.

image shows pre and posts valid columns

The symbols in these columns also have specific meanings:

  • A green checkmark indicates item completion.
  • A red "X" means the item has not been completed or has been denied.
  • A solid dash () means that the requirement is available to be completed (if necessary), but does not affect compliance within ACEMAPP.

Manage Requirements

How your documents are managed or submitted depends on how the school or site is configured in ACEMAPP.

If the school or clinical site allows you to upload, manage, or complete your requirements within your ACEMAPP account, there is a "Manage Documents" button next to the requirement.

image shows manage document button

Once the document is submitted, you see the status "Pending", indicating the item is pending approval from the school.

You will see a "Pending" icon/triangle on the required item in the navigation table until the item is approved by your school coordinator.

image show pending status

If there is no "Manage Documents" button, then your requirement is managed outside of ACEMAPP. Please contact your school coordinator for further assistance.

image shows the requirement that school manages

Learning Materials

Modules and Assessments:

In ACEMAPP, your school or clinical site may also require that you take a series of courses and assessments to meet compliance.

If required, these items appear in the "Modules and Assessments" table on your home screen, below the "Requirements" table.**
image example of Learning Materials panel on homepage

NOTE: If a payment is required, you need to make your payment before you have access to the Learning Materials. Additionally, these items do not appear on your home screen until you have been assigned to a clinical rotation by your school.**


In ACEMAPP, modules serve to deliver the necessary information to complete the related assessment.

This table includes the name of the module/assessment, the number of attempts used, the (total) number of available attempts, and the test expiration date.***

image example of Learning Materals panel on homepage highlighting Attempt columns and Expire column

NOTE: Your assessments are good for one year after successful completion within ACEMAPP and become available for you to retake 60-days before the expiration date.**

Manage Modules & Assessments:

In most cases, you have an unlimited number of attempts to review a course, as indicated by the infinity symbol (); however, you may have only a limited number of attempts to take an assessment.

image example of Learning Materials panel on homepage highlighting module and assessment pointing to Available Attempts

To take a module or assessment, click on the "View Module" or "Take Assessment" button, and the course or assessment opens.

There might be a "Download Supplemental Course PDF" button located on the first slide, which contains the additional course information for you to utilize.

image example of online module pointing to Download Supplemental Course PDF button

Once the assessment are successfully completed, the "Take Assessment" button is no longer active, and you see a green check. The expiration date is extended for 1-year.

If you did not complete the assessment and have used up all of your available attempts, the "Take Assessment" button will no longer be active. Instead, you see "Exceeded Attempt Limit", and need to contact your school coordinator to have the test reset.

image example Learning Materials panel highlighting Expired Assessment buttons and Expiration Date

Third-Party Vendors

ACEMAPP interfaces with several third-party vendors to simplify the compliance process for you by allowing you to link your ACEMAPP account directly to the associated Vendor to satisfy some of your compliance items. These items may include your Background Check, Drug Screen, BLS, and Immunizations.

If your school or clinical site utilized third-party vendor integration, the associated Vendor logo appears in the "Vendors" window on the left side of your home screen.

image shows vendor table

For directions on each of our partnering vendors, please review the related Help Desk articles below:


Will my requirements need to be uploaded multiple times if they are all listed on one sheet?

YES! Each of your requirements need to be uploaded separately. If all of your requirements (i.e., immunizations) are listed on one document, then you need to upload that same document into each of the different requirements within your ACEMAPP account.

My requirement shows "Pending". When will my document(s) be approved?

The school approves your requirements. Please reach out to your school coordinator to request a review of your pending requirements within ACEMAPP.

My module contains questions, but my answers are not being recorded?

In some of the modules, there may be questions as part of the presentation. These questions are considered "practice," and your answers do not count towards your assessments. As the assessments are separate from the modules, they need to be accessed and completed separately.

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