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Completing Your Career Profile
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Your candidate profile matches you with job opportunities in ACEMAPP Careers. Your Career Profile is set to private but can be made public by selecting yes on the Visible to employers toggle located in the Career Profile tab.

Making Your Account Visible to Employers

Go to your "Career Profile" tab.

You can access your Career Profile the following ways:

  1. Click your name on the top right of the screen then click "Career Profile" from the drop-down.

    click your name/avatar and then click Career Profile

  2. While on the main dashboard, change your Dashboard View to Candidate buy clicking view and in the drop-down select "Candidate". Then click "Candidate Profiler" on the nav-bar.

    member dashboard view showing Candidate option from drop-down

  3. Or while on the Candidate home screen, click "Candidate Profile".

    candidate home screen highlighting Candidate Profile button

Completing your Career Profile

  1. While on the "Career Profile" screen, the toggle labeled "Visible to employers" allows you to make your account accessible to employers.

    To activate this feature select "Yes" and click "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

    member career profile section

  2. Upload your most recent Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume document.

    member career profile section pointing to upload button

  3. Update your Basic Information (citizenship, schedule, and practice preferences, etc.).

    Career Profile basic information section

  4. Update your Additional Information (board-certified, schooling, etc.).

    image Additional Information panel

  5. Make sure to click "Save" after you complete this tab.

    image Save button

Fill in your Opportunity Areas

The Opportunity Area lets you define the search area radius/distance of any selected location.

  1. Under navigation click "Opportunity Areas".
    image Navigation panel with Opportunity Areas selected
  2. Add a new location.
  3. Type the address in the Location text box.
  4. Enter the Distance to search around that address (in miles).
  5. Click "Save", to save your changes.
    image example Opportunity Areas panel

NOTE: The area map works best when just entering City, State, and Zip, or just Zip.

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