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Tags: How to Create


It is helpful to group students in ACEMAPP using tags. You can create tags by graduating class, cohort, or any other way that may be beneficial. Students can have multiple different tags as well.

Step 1:

From your dashboard, click "Members" and select the Student (or any member type) button in the Affiliation column.

user nav-bar highlighting Members icon and pointing to member type Student in the drop-down menu

Step 2:

Next, under the "Manage" drop-down, select "Manage Tags."

manage member table

Step 3:

In order to create a new tag, click "Add Tag" at the top of the page.

manage tag screen

Step 4:

Enter in the desired "Tag Name" and click the "Save" button.

NOTE: Make sure Status is set to Active in order to use the tag.

edit tag screen

NOTE: When creating a new tag the comma ( , ) and the vertical-bar ( | ) are not allowed.

Editing an Existing Tag

Step 1:

Click the "Edit" (pencil icon) button, next to the tag you would like to edit when managing your tags using the above steps.

edit tag screen

Step 2:

Edit the "Tag Name" and/or the "Status" (active or offline) to make your desired changes.

edit general tag information screen

Step 3:

Click "Save" to finish and update your edits to the tag you were managing.

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