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Candidate Dashboard

ACEMAPP provides you with access to a variety of tools that connect you with employers. Check-In with your ACEMAPP account on a regular basis to know when you have matched with an employer.

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Candidate Notifications:

All notifications are unique to your role in ACEMAPP, but not all notifications will apply to all users. Notifications display on the left of your screen when there is something that needs attention. Click on the orange or blue button to be taken to the page where you can complete the task.


Find optional resources that may be relevant to your career interests.

Matched Opportunities:

Each opportunity listed is an opportunity that you have expressed interest in or that you are auto-matched with. Click on the unique opportunity ID to look at the details of the opportunity. You can also access a matched report from this area.

Profile Completion:


Bookmark a Job:
When you locate a job that you connect with in ACEMAPP Careers, you can bookmark the job and return to it later.
Search for a Job:
Using the Job Search Table, you can type in criteria to look for careers.
Express Interest:
When you locate a career that you connect with, you can express interest with the employer.


General Completeness:
To be matched to Opportunities, your profile and career profile must be complete and your profession and opportunity area selected.
Secondary Email:
A secondary email connects your ACEMAPP profile with your school email, personal email, and professional email. It's up to you which emails you share here.
Security Question
Optional security questions to verify your account.
Job Seeker:
Career System is automatically enabled and can be updated from this profile setting by moving the toggle from "Yes" to "No."
If you currently have an applicable (professional) license. Complete this tab in your ACEMAPP profile.


Start a Portfolio:
Your profile is where you collect all important information that makes you a strong candidate for recruiters. You can manage the settings on your profile so they are hidden, protected, or public.

Latest Jobs:

See current positions posted.

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