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Job Search

How do you search for an ACEMAPP Career?

Step 1:

Log in to your ACEMAPP Profile. From your home screen, click "Job Search".

Note: Your Job Search tab may appear under the More tab drop down depending on you browser. image shows job tab

Step 2:

In the Jobs table, you will be able to enter search criteria to narrow your search for a career match.
Follow the directions in the blue bar to help navigate the search table.

  • Fill out at least one field to search for jobs.

Professions: Choose the field you want to explore job opportunities in.

Location: Enter the city, state or zip code of the area you want to consider.

Employers: You may try to narrow down your results by entering the Company name. (Hint! leave this blank for better results, and some companies may keep their name anonymous).

  • Already searched for jobs and want to find those you bookmarked? Click the "Bookmarks" button.
  • Know the Job ID? Click Advanced, type the number into Job ID click "Search."

image shows bookmarks

Advanced Search

Using the field filters can help you narrow (or expand) your search results.

Specialties: Careers are broken down by this field since employers' job titles can be different between different organizations.

Schedule: Select a schedule for what specific type of employment you are looking for, select none or all.

Preferences: Select from the drop opportunities that you are interested in.

Loan Repayment Options Available: Some employers have this option, select 'Yes,' 'No,' or leave 'N/A.'

image shows search results

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