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Managing Membership Status

Managing Membership Status

Using the Bulk Manage feature is a great way to manage a student member's status between active, graduated, on hold, or withdrawn in ACEMAPP.

Step 1:

From your dashboard, click on the "Members" tab and then select your preferred member type under the "Affiliation" column.

Picture show Member tab and drop down member selection

Step 2:

Next, click the "Manage" tab and select the "Bulk Manage" tab from the drop-down menu.

Image pointing to Manage tab and Bulk Manage tab on dropdown menu on Manage Students (Affiliated) page

Step 3:

Once on the "Bulk Member Manage" page, you can use the radio buttons to change the member status of any student. You can change an active member to "Active," "Graduated," "On Hold," or "Withdrawn."


  • Students set to "On Hold" will automatically be moved to "Withdrawn" after one year.
  • When entering an "Access End" date, this date must be today or in the future, or you will get an error message.
  • The "Access End Date" is only required when making a member active.
  • When a student is moved to "Graduated" or "On Hold," they can still be viewed by clicking on the corresponding tab at the top of the page.
  • You can search by student name, filter for students using the "Filter by Tag" drop-down menu or the search bar, and sort the table by clicking on the "First Name" or "Last Name" column headers of the table.

Step 4:

Click the corresponding checkbox at the bottom of the page to select all students at once. Once satisfied, click the "Submit Changes" button at the bottom of the page.

Image highlighting the Active, Graduated and On Hold tabs, the First and Last Name columns, the Submit Changes tab, the Active, Graduated, On Hold radio buttons, the Check all check row, the search bar, the Filter by Tag dropdown menu on the Bulk Member Manage page

Important Notes

  • Students that have been moved to an "On Hold" or "Graduated" status will not receive emails from ACEMAPP regarding their requirements.
  • When entering the access end date, please use the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • Students who are in a "Graduated" or "Withdrawn" status will receive an email inviting them to re-affiliate once moved to "Active" status.
    • They will not appear in the table until they have accepted the invitation to re-affiliate.
    • Be sure to update the "Access End Date" when setting a status back to Active.

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