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Preceptor Certificates

Preceptor Certificates

Preceptor certificates are meant to serve as a token of appreciation from schools. Preceptor certificates are tied to the time logs submitted by students. The certificate indicates the clinical course and hours spent in clinical precepting. These hours can be applied to the re-certification process of a preceptor. Preceptor certificates are housed within your time log menu and populated according to what was completed within the time log.

Step 1:

From your School home screen, select "Time Logs."

Preceptor certificates are housed within your time log menu.

image shows time log tab

NOTE: If the "Time Logs" tab is not visible, click on the "More" tab and select "Time Logs" from the drop-down.

image shows more tab

Step 2:

Select the "List" icon next to the Time Log Type that you wish to make preceptor certificates for.

image shows the time log list icon

Step 3:

Select the "Certificates" tab to create a list of preceptor names.

image shows certificates tab

Step 4:

You can generate a certificate for a specif preceptor, within a specific time frame, select the preceptor in the Generate for Date Range, then fill in the Start and End Date.

Click "Generate" to create the certificate to print.

image shows time frame search

Step 5:

You can search for the specific preceptor in the "search box."

Click the "View" icon to see the certificate for that preceptor and their time log.

image shows search field and view icon

Step 6:

The selected preceptor's certificate populates to resemble to document captured below. You can print or download a PDF to attach to an email.

image Certificate example

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