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Manage Requirements with Documents

Document Manager

ACEMAPP allows members to upload, share, and store documents. If a document is required by the school or clinical site, it will need to be approved. The ACEMAPP Document Manager allows you to review all documents currently awaiting decisions in one central location.

Step 1:

When you have documents to review, you will see an orange notification button on your home screen.

Click on the "notification" or select "Document Manager" to review the document(s).

If you do not see the "Document Manager" button on your home screen, click "More" on the nav-bar, and then select "Document Manager" from the drop-down.

image Org homepage highlighting Document Manager button and notification button

Step 2:

A page that displays all "pending" documents opens.

At the top of the page, toggle between "Approved", "Pending", and "Denied".

You may also select "Queue View", "View All", "View by Affiliation", or "View by Rotation".

View Approved:
View a list of approved member requirement documents.
View Pending:
View a list of pending member requirement documents.
View Denied:
View a list of denied member requirement documents.
Queue View:
Review multiple requirement document submissions quickly by viewing the requirement in the viewing area and clicking "Approve" or "Deny". Add an optional note to the student or faculty when denying a requirement under "Deny Note".
View All:
View all required documents. This view does not take into account current Affiliation. If a student used to be affiliated with your entity and graduated, their documents will show up here still.
Pending Document:
Actions View any pending requirements. Click on the gear icon to view or edit the complete date, expiration date (if any), and add notes before selecting "Approve" or "Deny".

image Pending Document Table highlighting action "gear" icon

image Action Form highlighting Completion Date, Notes, Cancel, Approve, and Deny button

"View All" allows you to review all documents of graduated members as well and current students.

Queue View

"Queue View" allows you to view the member document, download it (if you choose), and select "Approve" or "Deny" on one page.

Step 1:

Click "Queue View" to be taken to the document viewer.

image showing the queue view tab

Step 2:

Queue view allows you to filter by requirement and to approve or deny a document.

If you reject a document, you can add a "Deny Note" for the member to review.

If you are approving a document make sure there are completion and expiration dates (if required).

If you are reviewing multiple documents, you may select "Skip Forward" or "Skip Backward".

Here, you can review the document and select Approve or Deny. If you Deny a document, you can add a note for the Student or Faculty to view. If you would like to skip a document, you may also "Skip Forward" or "Skip Backward."

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