Upload Files into an Existing Rotation

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Upload Files into an Existing Rotation content

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Upload Files into an Existing Rotation

Upload Files into an Existing Rotation

You now have the option to upload files directly into a rotation. This can be a helpful feature when there are additional items or information you wish to provide to the partnering entity.

NOTE: This is NOT intended to serve as a "replacement" or a "work-around" for requirements. Students/Faculty & Schools must continue to follow the normal processes & procedures with regard to requirements.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click the "View Rotations" tab to open the Rotations screen.

image show view rotations tab

Step 2:

Locate the rotation and click on the "Edit" (pencil) icon.

image shows edit pencil next to rotation

Step 3:

In the rotation request, click "Files".

image shows files inside rotation edit

Step 4:

To upload a file, click on "File Manager".

image shows file manager

Step 5:

If the file does not exist, you may drag it from your computer and drop it here to upload it into your ACEMAPP account. Then, locate the file in the list and click "Use".

image shows file manager location to click use or drop to upload

NOTE: To upload a file to the rotation, the file must exist in your File Manager_.


You may also set permissions on who you wish to have access to the file. Click in the text box to select a user type or click the green check to select all user types.

image shows permissions option

Step 6:

Once complete, click "Submit" to save the upload to the rotation.

image shows file submit button

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