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Bulk Uploading New Member

Bulk Uploading New Member

Bulk uploading students is a quick and efficient way to add new students for management within the ACEMAPP system.

NOTE: Do not use this for already existing Students to change their program. Please use the Student Invitation system for these students.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click the "Members" tab, from the drop-down select the appropriate member in the Affiliation column, this will open the Manage Students by affiliation page.

users nav-bar highlighting members icon and student by affiliation button

Step 2:

From the Manage Students (Affiliated) page, click the "Create" button and select "Bulk Upload" from the drop-down.

The same process will be followed for other member types that have the bulk upload option.

manage students by affiliation screen highlighting the create icon and bulk upload button

Step 3:

Select the appropriate program from the drop-down list, then click on the "Pull Template Button".

The Download Template button appears below. Click to download the template.

Once the CSV file has been downloaded, open the file and fill out the required columns for your new students: first name, last name, date of birth, member email address, due date, and access end date.

NOTE: Do not delete or change any of the fields on the CSV file/Template or it will not upload correctly to ACEMAPP in the next step.

Save the CSV file to your computer.

'Step 1' download a template screen


The system allows tags to be uploaded from the CSV file. The tag needs to be pre-existing in the system and needs to match exactly how it is in the system.


The system does allow you to upload multiple tags at once, however, the tags need to be pre-existing in the system, the tags must be separated with a verticle bar | (aka a pipe), and match exactly to what is in the system.

Uploading Tags WILL-NOT create new tags in the system.

You can create new tags during the on-screen 'Step 2' process, by clicking the "Create New Tag" button.

Step 4:

Once your CSV file/Template is completed with the required fields, click on the "Start Upload Process" button to upload your completed CSV file/Template.

'Step 2' Start Upload Process

Step 5:

Select the program you are uploading, then add any tags you would like applied to this group of students (ie. Fall 2018 Readmits) to find them quickly later on.

If a tag is not yet created, click on the "Create New Tag" button.

NOTE: Adding a tag is an optional feature and is not required.

Next, click the "Browse" button to choose your completed file then click on the "Submit" button.

Select Program, add or create tags, and click browse screen

Step 6:

Information from the CSV file will be available for your review. Please review and edit the information as needed, making sure there are no errors.

Required fields that have not been filled in will be outlined in red to help you find members who are missing one of the required fields (first name, last name, date of birth, member email address, and due date).

Please complete all the required information before moving forward.

Once you have confirmed that the data is correct, click on the "Submit" button.

You can click "Start Over" to go back to the original information prior to uploading it. Any changes you made before clicking on the "Start Over" button will be lost.

NOTE: If attempting to upload a member who is already in the system but who is not affiliated with your entity, an affiliation request will be sent to them which they need to accept to be affiliated. If you are attempting to upload an existing Faculty member as a Student, the "Due Date" becomes a required field.

Upload Data example fields

info box located on data screen

Once you are sure about the changes, click the "Submit" button.

Processing Complete pop-up

Upload is successful, however, this example shows a Check Warnings message.

Pop up window showing complete or warnings

NOTE: The record has already been posted, you can update the record here if you are still on the same screen.

To Check Warnings, click "Close" on the pop-up window.

The row with the warning will have an Orange warning button next to it.

Click the button to see the warning.

  • The warning will tell you what happened and where.
  • Your upload was successful, however, the field with the warning was not changed.

To correct a warning, click "Start Over".

Update the field in the CSV.

Then follow the steps outlined above.

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