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In observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day - ACEMAPP support will be unavailable on Monday, January 17th. Please view the help desk for frequently asked questions or submit a support ticket.

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Guest School FAQ

FAQ - Guest Schools

Here are some common questions and answers for getting your student(s) set up in ACEMAPP. This information should provide more information about the entire process from logging in to verifying your student's compliance.

Q: What is ACEMAPP?
A: ACEMAPP is a secure, online, clinical rotation matching, student onboarding, and document storage solution for clinical sites, schools, and consortia.

Q: I am unable/unsure how to log in.
A: Locate an email from ACEMAPP in your email account. This email will provide information on creating your password to get logged in.

Q: I am unable to find my Welcome Email from ACEMAPP.
A: You may want to check your Spam/Junk folder. If you are still unable to find this email, please contact our Support Team.

Q: Where should I begin?
A: To get started, your first step will be to Request a Partnership* in ACEMAPP. Once you send this request, you will need to wait for your Partner to approve the request. In the meantime, you can create your student(s) account*. Once your Partnership has been approved (showing in your Active Partnerships in your Partner Directory), you can Request your Rotation*. Once your rotation request has been submitted, you can Assign your Student*. The last step is to make sure your student completes all of his/her requirements and assessments (Managing Student Compliance*). This may include reviewing documents and/or entering in completion dates*.
*See Related Articles below for more information

Q: What if I can not find the Clinical Site/Partner in my Partner Directory?
A: You may type in the Partner Entity box to find your Partner. If you are unable to find them, please contact Customer Support.

Q: I am unable to create a rotation request.
A: Make sure the Partner that you are requesting a rotation with is listed in your Active Partnerships in your Partnership Directory.

Q: What if my student(s) already has an ACEMAPP account?
A: You can send an invitation to this student using the same email address as his/her existing account. You may want to verify this email address with the student. The student can also add an email address to their ACEMAPP account.

Q: How do I know when I have completed the ACEMAPP process?
A: Once your student(s) rotation has been approved and your student(s) is fully compliant, your student(s) is ready to begin their rotation and you have completed all of the necessary steps.

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Assigning members to rotations is an important step toward creating rotations and allowing members to access their required documents and learning materials.
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Create a Single Rotation
Create Student Accounts
You can create student accounts Individually (One-by-One), or with the Member Bulk Upload Spreadsheet.   
Manage Requirements with Dates (no documents)
As a school or clinical coordinator, if your school or clinical site does not require Students or Faculty to upload documents, you can enter in completion dates for the requirements. 
Manage Requirements with Documents
ACEMAPP allows members to upload, share and store documents. As a school or clinical coordinator, if a document is required by your school or clinical site, it will need to be approved. To approve or deny requirements with documents, follow the steps outlined in this article.
Managing Members
ACEMAPP allows administrators and coordinators to manage members by affiliation or rotation. The available member options will populate under the "Affiliation" and "Rotation" columns, allowing you to select how you would like to view them. Selecting the member type under "Affiliation" will indicate Pre-compliance. Selecting the member type under "Rotation" will organize your members by rotation status and indicate both Pre- and Post-compliance as well as show member statuses.
Request Partnerships
The Partner Directory is where you can see all your institutions to institution partnerships.  You can also request additional partnerships, see pending partnerships, and see and manage any documents associated with the two. In order to request a rotation, the Site will need to be listed in the Active Partnerships tab. 
Invite Existing Students to a New Program
Use the Invitation System to invite an existing student in ACEMAPP to a new program or to change their program. Use the "Bulk Upload" or "Add One" student to invite new student(s).
Video - Guest School Orientation
This video is intended for Guest Schools who would like an orientation on the steps to complete once logged into ACEMAPP.