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View Rotations - Faculty

View Rotations - Faculty

As Faculty in ACEMAPP, you can view all rotations you are assigned to by your school or clinical entity. These can vary by type depending on how your institution manages these rotations.

Step 1

Click on "View Rotations" from your home screen.
image user nav bar highlighting the View Rotations button

Step 2

Here you will find the rotations that have been assigned to you. You can use the tabs to narrow down your rotations.
image Rotations table highlighting rotation statuses tabs

Your Rotation types will vary based on your organization. Here is more information about the rotations types:

Cohort Rotation
A rotation that will accommodate a group of students learning under a clinical instructor/faculty.
Precepted Rotation
A rotation where students will be working with a preceptor.
Students enter their schedules for their clinical experience.
Course Assignment
Course Assignment Rotations are used for assigning members to things such as Case Logs, Time Logs, and Faculty Student Management.
Requested Rotations, if allowed at your school, allows you to search and create rotations with any preceptors or location allowing student requests.

Step 3:

Once you find the rotation, you are able to view the list of students who have been assigned to that rotation by selecting the eye icon under the Actions column. image shows an eye icon for rotations assigned

NOTE: If you have another icon available that looks like a piece of paper, you can click this button to view Students' Compliance. This will show you what the student(s) have uploaded and what has been approved.

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Faculty Document Access
The Faculty Document Manager allows you to give access to a Faculty member assigned to a rotation to approve or deny a requirement document associated with that rotation.
Faculty Document Manager
The Faculty Document Manager (when enabled by the school) allows faculty the ability to approve or deny student requirement documents associated with any rotation they are assigned to.