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Create Preceptor Account

Create a Preceptor Account

You can manage your Preceptors directly in ACEMAPP. By creating Preceptor accounts, you will allow students to connect their logs to their specific Preceptor (s). This will also enable Preceptors to review/manage logs (if desired).

Step 1:

From your home screen, click the "Members" button, then click the "Preceptors" button in the Affiliation column from the drop-down menu.

Image pointing to Members tab and preceptor tab under affiliation column on the drop-down menu

Step 2:

Click the "Create" button and then click "Add One Preceptor" button from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: If you have multiple preceptors, you need to create an account for please utilize the Bulk Upload feature.

For further instructions on this feature, see the related articles below.

Image pointing to add one preceptor tab and bulk upload tab on affiliated students table

Step 3:

Enter the required fields noted with an orange tab.

Click "Save" to return to the preceptor table or "Save & Add Another" to add another preceptor.

Image pointing to required field legend, first name, last name, email address, program required fields, and save and save and add another button on creating partial preceptors page

NOTE: For students to be able to choose a preceptor for their case logs and time logs, preceptors who are not actively using ACEMAPP will need to have a "graduated" status. The "graduated" status prevents ACEMAPP communications from going to preceptors. "On hold" preceptors are truly inactive and not available for the student. Please contact ACEMAPP Support with any questions.

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