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Manage Rotations

Manage Rotations

When you create or edit a rotation in ACEMAPP, you will see the Manage Rotation screen. This page allows you to review and update rotation information.

Overview of Rotation Information:

rotation edit screen highlighting rotation nav-bar

NOTE: When making a change to an already created rotation, we recommend that you also leave a comment to let the other entity know of the change. Refer to Commenting On Rotations for instructions.

The Edit panel is the detailed information of the rotation itself. This includes the location, experience type, program, and any scheduling or advanced scheduling unique the school, clinical site, unit, or program.

Image shows the edit box for inputting rotation details. Arrows point to what indicates a required field and the save button.

There are various Tabs at the top of the manage rotation page which will allow you to do the following:

Image shows the various tabs available at the top of the manage rotation page.

  • The Conflicts tab is the Conflict Checker. Opening this screen runs a check to see if there are any other rotations scheduled around the time of the current rotation. The screen gives a detailed breakdown allowing you to contact the other entity or adjust the rotation so that there or no further conflicts.

  • The different member tabs Students/Faculty/Preceptor/etc. allow you to add or remove members to the rotation. Refer to Assigning Members to Rotations for step-by-step instructions.

  • The Completion tab displays a report showing all of the assigned members' status on requirements (completed or not).

  • The Member Audit This screen shows the status of the member. If the member is in Limbo status, depending on how your location was set up, the member may not have full access to the rotation.

  • The Run Roster Sender feature will send the roster to the clinical site once all members are in compliance and the rotation is in approved status. Send your Roster to the Clinical Partner to finalize the rotation.

  • The Requirement List tab shows all Requirements attached to the rotation and how they affect it.

  • The Sub Members (Optional - used if utilizing Case or Time Logs) tab allows you to include Faculty or Preceptors access to manage logs for this rotation.

Approving/Denying/Canceling Rotations

You can change the status of a rotation request using the Quick Decide feature or the Edit button on the View Rotations page and the Status drop-down at the bottom of the rotation request form.

Image shows the highlighting of the Edit (pencil) button and Quick Decide (gavel) button on the View Rotation Table.

Clinical Site Coordinators can set rotation requests to the following statuses: "Approved," "Needs Info," "Denied," or "Pending."

School Coordinators can create rotations into "Pending" or "Bulk" statuses in ACEMAPP. Once a request has been created, the rotation can be set to "Deleted," "Pending," or "Withdrawn."

Refer to the Reviewing Rotation Requests article for step-by-step instructions on updating the status of a rotation.

Quick Decide:

Image shows a box where the unit and rotation status can be updated.

Updating the Status in the Rotation Edit Box:

Image shows the status drop-down option at the bottom of the edit box for a rotation request.

Commenting on Rotations

The Comments & History area allows you to see any changes made to the rotation, by who, and when. This section also allows the connected entities to communicate in one spot. Refer to Commenting On Rotations.

Image show arrows pointing to the submit comment button and the historical audit data of the rotation.


Rotation Member Statuses

The member has yet to complete any pre-compliance items. Which can include completing their Profile, Membership Dues, Requirements, Courses, or Modules.
The member has met all the pre-compliance items.
On-hold members receive access to ACEMAPP and their Rotation at a pre-determined number of days before they can access their requirements and begin using ACEMAPP.

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