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Case Log Management (Faculty)

Manage Case Logs As Faculty

The Case Log feature allows students to enter their clinical experiences and track their patient encounters. When students submit their Case Logs, you are able to review them. You can also pull a report and filter by your specific needs.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click the "Case Logs" tab. You can also access this feature by clicking on the related announcement tab under your Faculty Notifications section.

Image pointing to You have case log(s) to review notification under Faculty Notification section and Case Logs tab on features button

If you do not see the "Case Logs" button, click "More" and from the drop-down select "Case Logs" to open the Manage Case Logs screen.

Step 2:

On the Manage Case Logs screen, find the Case Log Type (you may have more than one Case Log Type depending on the Institution or if you are connected to multiple locations) and click the Case Log Type link.

image Manage Case Logs table, pointing to Case Log type

Case Logs Table

This table is filtered by Requires Attention and Historical.

Log Requires Attention

Step 1:

If the Case Log is requiring approval, click the "Requires Attention" button.

image Manage table highlighting Requires Attention button

Step 2:

On the Manage screen, click the "Edit" (pencil) icon found in the Actions column.

image Manage Case Log Table pointing to edit button

Step 3:

On the Case Log detail screen, review the log as needed.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and enter any notes in the "Faculty Notes" area and set to either "Approve", "Deny", or "Needs Info".

image bottom of Case Log highlighting Approval choices, notes field, and Save button

NOTE: The 'Needs Info' selection, will send the Log back to the member and allow them to review and change their log if necessary. While selecting 'Approve' or 'Deny' locks the log and continues the approval process.

Step 4:

Once you've selected the approval action and entered any notes, click "Save" to save the log and exit, or "Save & Next" to save the log and move to the next log requiring attention.

image Save, Save & Next, and Skip button

Historical Logs

If you would like to see further details of Logs already submitted/approved, while on the Case Log table, click "Historical" to change your view.

View Case Log

While on click Case Log table, click the "View" (eye) icon listed in the Actions column.

Image pointing to eye icon under Actions column on FNP [Assigned] Case Logs page from preceptor view

Case Log Reports

The following instructions will provide you with information on completing a case log report.

Step 1:

Following the directions above, click on ""Case Logs".

image preceptor nav bar pointing to Case Logs icon

Step 2:

Click on the "Case Log Type" link.

image Manage Case Logs table, pointing to Case Log type

Step 3:

Click on "Case Log Report" while on the Case Log screen.

image Manage case log highlighting report button

Step 4:

Here, you will see details and a report of the case logs that you have been connected with (based on your rotations).

You are able to filter your results using the various filter drop-down menus including "Member," "Encounter Date - Start," "Encounter Date - End," "Preceptor," "Rural Visit," "Underserved Area/ Population," and "Group Encounter."

Click the green "Apply Filters" button when you are ready to generate your report.

You can also print your results by clicking on the "Print" button.

image screenshot filter options to Case Log report

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