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Rotation Rosters
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Rotation Rosters

Rotation rosters track members (students, faculty, etc.) will be at each clinical site. The rotation roster gives the clinical site access to view the rotation information, member compliance records, and member profile data.

The rotation roster is automatically sent to the clinical site overnight once the following criteria are met:

  1. The rotation is in an Approved status
  2. All members assigned to the rotation roster have completed all of their requirements, assessments, and other onboarding items
  3. The "Is this roster complete?" question is set to "Yes" (this is the default option)

NOTE: The Roster will not send if no members are assigned to the rotation.

How do I know if the Roster has been sent to the Clinical Site?

On the Rotation table, there is a column labeled Roster Sent. Here, you see a red X or a green checkmark.

  • If this column has a red X, at least one member assigned to rotation is not compliant.
  • Once all members are compliant, the Roster is automatically sent to the Clinical Site, and this column is updated with a green checkmark.

Arrows pointing to the "Approved" tab and "Roster Sent" column on the Rotation Table.

Review Profile Completion Report (Rotation Roster)

To review the Profile Completion Report, click the "Profile Completion" icon in the Actions column. This will open the Profile Completion Report page. Arrow pointing to the Profile Completion Report button on the Rotation Table.

On this page, you have various options to generate and review the Rotation Roster for the selected rotation.

Arrows point to the buttons to download the Profile Completion Report.

  • Download (Current) - This will show the Roster based on the current rotation information and only includes members who have met full compliance
  • Download (Start) - This shows the Roster with the rotation information and member compliance as of the start date of the rotation.
  • Download (End) - This shows the Roster with the rotation information and member compliance as of the end date of the rotation.
  • Generate Roster CSV - This will generate a spreadsheet of the assigned member names and their profile information.

The members assigned to the rotation are compliant, but my Roster has not been sent.

  • When you assign members a rotation, there is a toggle at the bottom of the page which asks if the Roster is complete. This toggle is set to "Yes" by default and sends the Roster to the clinical site once all members are in full compliance. The Roster is not sent automatically if this toggle is set to "No".
    • To manually send the Roster, use the "Run Roster Sender" feature in the rotation menu.

NOTE: The system checks and sends the Roster each night.

Image shows arrows to the student tab, and the "is this roster complete" toggle. Another arrow points to the "Run Roster Sender" tab.

What if I need to make a change to my assigned members, but the Roster has already been sent?

  • You can change the assigned members, even if the Roster has already been sent. Once you make your changes and the new member has completed all requirements and assessments, an updated roster is sent to the Clinical Site to notify them of the change and provide further information.

Approved Rotations Within 3 Weeks Table

The "Approved Rotations Within 3 Weeks" table will display any upcoming rotations approved by the clinical site. This is a convenient way to see whether the Roster has been sent for upcoming rotations.

For more information on this feature, please refer to our Approved Rotations within 3 Weeks (Table) Help Desk Article.

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