Dashboard: Navigating Multiple Account Types

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Dashboard: Navigating Multiple Account Types content

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Dashboard: Navigating Multiple Account Types
Member Types:

Dashboard vs Member Home Page

From your Dashboard, you can quickly access your Member Home Page(s), view outstanding requirements, and find helpful resources intended to support you.

Member Home Pages are similar to your Dashboard, except they hold resources and information specific to your selected member type. You will have a member home for each member type (i.e., school, clinical, faculty, mentor, etc.).

Navigate from the Dashboard to Member Home Pages

Click the appropriate member type or the "View ___ Home" icon from the options located on your Dashboard.

NOTE: Only member types applicable to you will appear.

image shows dashboard entities and member homes

Navigate to Member Home Pages from your NAME drop down

Click on your "Name", then from your Navigation table, select the member type you want to view.

image shows to click member name from top right and navigation table

Navigate Between Your Dashboard & Member Home Pages

Click "Dashboard" located in the breadcrumb trail from any page to return to your central Dashboard.

image shows dashboard selected from bread crumbs

Or you can use the Dashboard View table in the upper left corner from your Dashboard or Member Home Page. Click the drop-down and select which Home Page you would like to view.

image shows dashboard view tile

NOTE: You can Manage your Default Home Page View by clicking the "Tool" icon in the Dashboard table.

image shows navigation tile tool icon

A requirement is an item a member may need to complete based on their affiliation to an entity or rotation assignment.

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