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Assigning Members to Rotation

Assigning Members to Rotation

Assigning members (students, faculty, or preceptors) to rotations is an essential step toward creating rotations and allowing members to access their required documents and assessments.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click the "View Rotations" tab to open the Rotations table.

image nav-bar highlighting View Rotations button

Step 2:

On the Rotations table click the "Edit" (pencil) icon next to the rotation you would like to view and edit.

image Rotation table pointing to Edit icon

Step 3:

From the "Manage Rotation" page, select the appropriate member type.

image Rotation Edit nav bar highlighting Students tab

Step 4:

From the Manage Rotations screen, you can search by tags or name to find the member(s) you would like to assign to a rotation roster. Click the "Tags" column to sort by any tags that are attached to the student(s).

You may also use the search bar to find a specific member. If a member is not listed in the table, they may not have completed their pre-assignment requirements. Once they complete their pre-assignment requirements, they will be visible to you, and you may add them to a rotation.

image Edit Rotation screen showing Students table, pointing to Tags and Search fields

You may click on the "View" (eye) icon to get a quick view of the member's information and requirements.

image Student rows, pointing to View icon

Step 5:

To add a member(s) to a rotation, select the member(s) you would like to assign to the rotation by checking the boxes on the left side of the list of available members, then click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

image Assign Students table highlighting Assign student checkboxes

Now that you have assigned (and saved) student(s) to the rotation, the student(s) will then show up under "Assigned Students". They will receive an automatic email notifying them that they have a new rotation assignment and may have new items to complete in ACEMAPP.

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