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Upcoming Rotations - Send Your Roster!

From your homepage, you can see what rotations are active within the next three weeks. This table is meant to highlight what rotations are a priority for getting students and faculty assigned so rosters can be sent to Clinical Partners.

Approved Rotations Within 3 Weeks box

In the case that you have not yet sent your rotation roster, the approved rotation will be highlighted red with a red "x" and if the roster has been sent, it is highlighted green you will see a green Checkmark in the Approved Rotations Within 3 Weeks section.

If you have finalized the roster for a rotation you will see "Active" under the Status.
You can also click the "Edit" pencil icon to enter the rotation request form.

  • Screenshot of the School landing page section labeled Approved Rotations Within 3 Weeks which contains a table of information.  A rotation is shown on the table with the status column highlighted and the rotation displaying a status of Active.  The edit button at the beginning of the row is also highlighted.

Roster not sent on Approved Rotation(s) Notification
To send a Roster, click on the Notification button to open the Rotation Table

Step 1:

In the Rotation Table, find the corresponding rotation.

Step 2:

Click on the "Edit" (pencil) icon, to open the Manage Rotation screen.

Step 3:

In the Navbar, find and click on "Run Roster Sender".

The Sender is automatic, as soon as you click the tab, it will test some conditions against the rotation and send the roster if it passes. If it failed, the message will point you to which part failed.

  • image Sending Roster failed message pointing to indicator.

Looking at the above sample, this rotation only has one Student attached to it. Clicking on the Student tab in the Navbar, the assigned student is still showing a red "X" under Rotation Validity. Once the student finish his/her Post-Requirement(s) the X will change to a green Checkmark, allowing the Roster Sender to run.

Step 4:

To finish sending the Roster, click on "Run Roster Sender". You should see a Success message.

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