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Coordinator Contact Form

The Coordinator Contact Form allows you the ability to update your contact information and share it with other coordinators.

NOTE: You will only see this screen upon login 3 times, but will remain available for you to update in your profile.

Step 1:

Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and select "Manage" in the drop-down.

Click on the name to expand the option to manage tab

Step 2:

Select "Coordinator Contact" from the Navigation table.

Select the Coordinator Contact tab in the Navigation table

Step 3:

Complete the required contact information.

Complete the contact information and click Save

Step 4:

Select the program tab(s) on the left to complete information on each role you manage within ACEMAPP.

Choose the program button(s) on the right to fill in the role for each program you manage within ACEMAPP.

Step 5:

Select "Yes" or "No" to make contact information available.

Select the areas you wish to be contacted about and indicate what role(s) you manage in ACEMAPP and click "Save".

NOTE: You can complete the optional area with any further roles or information you want to provide.

choose yes or no to hide contact information. Select topics and click save.

ACEMAPP - Role Definitions

  • Affiliation Agreement Management: Manages Affiliation Agreements / Partnerships in ACEMAPP.
  • Badging/Security Access Management: Has access in ACEMAPP for the purposes of badging/security, pulling reports to create student badges, and creating EMR access.
  • Clinical Educator: Faculty in as a clinical user.
  • Clinical Encounter Tracking: Person responsible for Case & Time Logs, etc.
  • Data Retrieval: Person responsible for running reports.
  • Event Management: Person responsible for creating/using the Events system.
  • Faculty Compliance: Manages Faculty compliance in ACEMAPP.
  • High School Student Management: Manages high school students in ACEMAPP.
  • Program Oversight: Dean, Director, CEO, etc. It does not do any regular function in ACEMAPP but has the ability to perform them if needed.
  • Preceptor Management: Person responsible for managing preceptors in ACEMAPP.
  • Recruiting: Person responsible at a clinical site for recruiting new employees. Could use ACEMAPP to pull reports.
  • Rotation Scheduling: Serves functions around rotation creation & management.
    • Schools = Create & Assign members.
    • Clinical Sites = Approves/Denies, etc.
  • Student Compliance: Responsible for tracking student requirements, courses & assessments in ACEMAPP.
  • Unit Manager: Clinical User who is responsible for a specific unit at their site.

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