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Entity Profile/Landing Page
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Entity Profile/Landing Page

Schools and Clinical Sites can create and customize their organization's unique site profile in ACEMAPP. For Schools, this information is visible to members (i.e., Students, Faculty, etc.) directly affiliated with your organization. For Clinical Sites, this information is visible to members through either a rotation assignment (most common) or a direct affiliation (less common).

Some examples of content you may want to display on your profile may include:

  • Description of your hospital or school
  • Items for the first day
  • Parking information
  • Security information

Step 1:

To locate your Entity Profile, click on the "More" tab and select "Entity Profile" from the drop-down.
image Showing how to navigate to Entity Profile through More tab on home screen

Step 2:

Click "CMS Config" to select set-up preferences. You can create tabs to separate information by user type, program, or information category.
image shows to click CMS Config button

Select "Yes" or "No" for each selection and click "Save" to save your changes.
image showing fields to configure landing page

Step 3:

Click "Add Page" to create a new page within your profile.
image shows tab to Add Page

"Name" the page, add "Content", set the "Publicly Visible" setting, and the page "Status".
image shows fields to complete for adding page The visibility setting affects whether or not the user needs to be logged in to ACEMAPP to view or not. If this is not enabled, the page will only be visible to those members that are logged in.

Step 4:

Click "View Profile" to see the information you have added to your profile.
image shows the View Profile tab

Step 5:

"Member CMS" allows you to add a new entry to your broadcast messages or edit an existing message.
image shows Member CMS tab image shows Announcement options

Once your entity profile is complete, we recommend making an announcement to share the link on member profiles (i.e. student, faculty, etc).

If you would like help in creating a custom landing page for your organization, please contact us.

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