Bulk Managing Requirement Dates

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Bulk Managing Requirement Dates content

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Bulk Managing Requirement Dates

ACEMAPP allows you to enter in requirement dates for your members.

Managing Requirement with Dates script

Step 1:

From your home screen, click the "Members" tab, from the drop-down to select the appropriate member in the Affiliation column.

image student by affiliation table

Step 2:

Next, locate the student(s) that you need to enter requirement dates. Once you locate the student(s), check the box next to their name.

image check box for members

Step 3:

Once all students are selected, click the "Select" tab and select "Export Selected" from the drop-down.

image add requirement to selected button

Step 4:

Click the "Download CSV" button.

Download CSV

Step 5:

Once the CSV file has been downloaded, open the file and complete the appropriate columns.

Do not make any changes to Row 1 or Column A. Row 1 will provide the requirement name. You may click on this row to see what the requirement is for that column. For the requirement(s) that you would like to clear, enter in the completion date (XX/XX/XXXX). Some requirements will have an expiration date with them, be sure to enter in a date for this column if it applies to the requirement. Once all fields have been updated, Go to File and Save As. Be sure to keep this as a CSV file.

Step 6:

Once your CSV file has been updated and saved, go back into ACEMAPP. Go to the Member by Affiliation table. Then the Create tab and Bulk Upload click "Start Upload Process" to upload.

image bulk upload completed file

Step 7:

Go to Step 2 and click on "Start Upload Process".

image start upload process

Step 8:

Select the program you are uploading, and click "Browse" to choose your completed file then click "Submit".

image select program file and submit

Step 9:

Information from the CSV file will be available for your review. Please review and edit the information as needed, making sure there are no errors.

Any fields that are highlighted in red will need to be updated. Make sure that completion dates are today's date or in the past. Make sure expiration dates are in the future. Once all fields are highlighted green, click "Submit".

You can click "Start Over" to go back to the original information prior to uploading it. Any changes you made before clicking on the "Start Over" button will be lost.

You will receive a confirmation window to verify that your changes have been completed.