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Email Verification
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Email Verification

When creating your account or updating your profile, it is important to verify your email address. If your email is not verified, you will not be able to access your information in ACEMAPP.

Step 1:

Log in to ACEMAPP

Step 2:

If you have an alert box at the top of your screen, click the link (Your email address has not been verified. Click here to start the verification process.)

image member alert box highlight click to verify email address link

NOTE: If your screen does not have the alert box like the one shown above, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3:

This screen shows the email addresses we have for your account, each address will need to be verified.

image verify email confirmation

NOTE: In order to verify an email address, you MUST have access to that email box.

If an email address is incorrect, go to your profile and click on the email tab to update the address or remove an invalid address. Don't forget to click Save when you update your profile.

Step 4:

If the information on the Email Verification page is correct, click the green "Verify" button.

image of verifying email confirmation highlighting verify button

Step 5:

We will send a verification email to every unverified email address on your account. Please check your email inbox(es), including spam folders, and click the link provided within the email to complete the verification process. Verification emails are valid for 7 days, after which, they will expire.

NOTE: If you are not finding the sent email, please search your inbox for mail coming from either or

Resending Verification

Should your link expire, prior to logging in to ACEMAPP on the Log In page, click the "Resend Verification" button to resend a verification link.

iamge 11

NOTE: Only click on the button once, as the link is unique and each request will void out the previous one.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact us at or 844-223-4292.