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Broadcast Messaging
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Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast Messaging Script

Sending Broadcast Messages

Step 1:

From your home screen, select "Members", and choose the appropriate Member Type (i.e., Students, Faculty, etc.) you want to message.

NOTE: If you would like to send a message to all students/faculty assigned to a rotation, go to your Students/Faculty (by Rotation) table and enter the specific rotation ID number in the search bar.

image user nav-bar highlighting members button and pointing to member types Student and Faculty

Step 2:

Click the checkboxes next to the name(s) of the individual(s) you would like to message.

image manage student by rotation table pointing to the checkbox to select that row

Step 3:

After you have made your selections, click "Select" and then "Email Selected".

image manage student by rotation table highlighting Select in the navbar and pointing to Email Selected button

Step 4:

Complete the required email fields and click "Save".

image Email fields

image shows save button

Step 5:

If you would like, you can add an attachment to your email. Next, click "Save & Continue".

image email field allowing Attach File

Step 6:

The system will run a spam check. Click "Continue".

NOTE: The lower the spam score, the better. A score of zero is ideal.

image shows spam check

Step 7:

Review your list of recipients. You can remove anyone from the email list by clicking the checkbox next to their name and then click "Save & Stay on this Page". To add recipients, navigate back to your Student or Faculty table, check the individual’s box and click "Email Selected". This will add the member(s) to this list.

Once you have your list completed, click "Save & Continue".

Boxes to remove students highlighted to the left of their names. The option to "Save & Continue" or "Save & Stay on This Page" highlighted at the bottom of the page.

Step 8:

Click "Send Broadcast Message" button when you are ready to send the email.

Arrow highlighting the "Send Broadcast Message" button at the bottom-left of the page.

NOTE: After your message has been sent, you can go to your Broadcast Messaging area to review who has opened the message and when they opened it (see related articles for more instructions on this process).

Reviewing Broadcast Messages

Once you have sent a Message out using ACEMAPP. You can review who has opened it and when they opened the message.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click the "More" button, then click "Broadcast" from the drop-down.

image home screen showing More icon and then Broadcast button

Step 2:

Here, you see a table of emails that were sent out and how many have been opened. From this table, you can also see a quick view and the Open Rate of the message. To view more details of a message, select the 'eye' icon next to the specific message.

You may also filter the Table by Sender, search the Subject column for specific keywords (use the wildcard % to adjust your search results), or enter a date in the date column filter box. Enter a date in the Date column will show you results from that date to current.

image Broadcast Messages table showing view icon

Step 3:

From this screen, you can see all of the members who had received the message and when it was sent. You can also see if they have opened it. If they had opened it, you can see when they opened it.

Boadcast message confirmation page

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Faculty can quickly contact students participating in an upcoming clinical rotation by downloading a student contact list. Alternatively, as a faculty member in ACEMAPP, you may contact the school coordinator to send out a broadcast message through ACEMAPP (please see related articles).