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Hospital & School Profiles

Hospital & School Profiles

Hospitals and schools can post profile information through ACEMAPP. Your profile can be viewed by students and faculty assigned to your hospital through a rotation, as well as by hospitals and schools that share the same program(s) as you.

Some examples of content you may want to display on your profile may include:

  • Description of your hospital
  • Items for the first day
  • Parking information
  • Security information

Step 1:

To create and manage your site’s profile, from your home screen select "More" on the nav-bar and choose "Entity Profile" from the drop-down menu.

image entity homepage highlighting more icon on nav bar

Step 2:

To add content to your profile, click "Add Page" and to view your site profile, click "Visit My Site”.

image Profile Edit page highlighting Add Page button

Step 3:

Type the name of the page, the content for the page in the body, and click "Save".

image Page edit highlighting Name of page and Page content sections.image Save button

Step 4:

To view your pages, click the "View Profile" button that was displayed in STEP 2.

All of your pages will be listed at the top next to your hospital or school name.

image Site Profile page, highlighting View Page button