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Rotation Preparedness Report

Rotation Preparedness Report

The Rotation Preparedness Report allows you to view the completeness of students (and faculty) within rotations. For any rotations, where there is a member with a missing item, the heading/title bar is red. Green shows that students/faculty are fully complete/prepared for the rotation. Also, you can view if requirements are expiring during the rotation, it is highlighted in yellow.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click the "Reporting" tab to open the Reporting dashboard.

image navigation pointing to Reporting

Step 2:

On the Reporting dashboard, click the "Rotation Preparedness Report" tile.

image Rotation Preparedness Report tile

Step 3:

  1. In the Rotation Preparedness Report, select one or more "User Type(s)".
  2. Next, select a "Program" for which you would like to view rotations.

image Rotation Preparedness Report screen

Step 4:

The "Optional Filters" allows you to narrow down the results, include:

  • A Specific Rotation
  • Experience type
  • Unit
  • Partner
  • Start Date / End Date
  • Rotation Status

image Filter options

Mid Rotation Expiration


If you would like to see if a requirement is going to expire in the middle of a rotation, click the toggle "Show Mid-Rotation Expiration Dates" to "Yes".

image Screenshot Mid-Rotation Expiration option toggle

Step 5:

Select "Run Report" to view your results.

image Run Report button

Reviewing Results

The report generates a list that appears below for each rotation. The panel title shows the 'Start Date', the 'Rotation ID', all of the partners joined to the rotation, and whether or not the roster is sent. For any rotations where there is a student/faculty with a missing item, the heading/title bar is red. Green shows students/faculty fully complete/prepared for the rotation. If you chose to see Mid-Rotation Expiring Dates, these are then highlighted in yellow.

To view more details, you can expand the highlighted bar. This is to allow you to complete some Action Items including:

  • Generate CSV will download a file of all of the members you selected for you to customize
  • Export Selected to CSV will allow you to select the individual members that you would like to review instead of all of the members.
  • Email Selected allows you to email selected members even across multiple rotations. Select your members by checking the box next to their name.


Incomplete Student Status

A Needs Attention text will show under the date and rotation number, as well as the border around the tile, have a reddish tint to it. Here you can also see if the roster is sent, the student's name, and the item(s) that are incomplete.

Also, notice that to the right, it shows if the Roster has been sent or not.

image specific rotation showing students need attention label

Click the "drop-down arrow" to expand the box.

image Roster not sent toggleimage rotation tile showing status of student needing attention

Mid-Rotation Expiring Date

To see expiring dates within a rotation for faculty/students, the Show Mid-Rotation Expiration Dates toggle has to be set to "Yes" when you select Run Report. This report shows if the Roster is sent; the student's compliance status; the item(s) that expire; and when will it expire.

image rotation tile showing expiring requirement mid-rotation

image highlighting exact requirement expiring

Complete Student Status

Here, you can see that the roster is sent and that the student(s) is compliant as its highlighted in blue. You can expand the box and see further details.

image showing complete student status and roster sent status

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