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Badge Report

Badge Report

The badging report is for clinical groups that create badges through ACEMAPP. Using this report, you may view a list of all badges created within a set time frame.

Step 1:

From your coordinator home screen, click the "Reporting" tab from the main menu options.

image user dashboard highlighting Reporting button on nav-bar

Step 2:

Select "Badge Report" from the reporting options.

image reporting dashboard highlighting Badge Report tile

Step 3:

By default, the badge report shows all badges your organization has created. The output will contain the following information:

  • Member First & Last Name: The member for whom the badge was created/issued.
  • Issuer First & Last Name: The coordinator from the clinical site who created/issued the badge for the member.
  • Badge Type: The type of badge that was created/issued for the member.
  • Badge Creation Date: The timestamp of when the badge was created/issued for the member.

To sort the report, click on any of the table headers. You can also use the search box in the upper-right corner to narrow down your results for a particular member or badge issuer.

Image showing arrows pointing to the different output fields

Optional Filters

Step 1:

To narrow your search results, click "Badging Report Optional Filters" to view a dropdown of optional filters.

The date range filters allow you to show only badges made within a specific time frame. You may enter one or multiple date range filters to get a more broad or specific range of results. If there is a conflicting date filter selected, the one furthest to the right will take precedence.

image Badge Report filter section

Step 2:

The next three filters: "Issuers", "Members", and "Badge Types" may be used together or separately. Select one or more from each of the filters.

image Filter section of Badge Report

Step 3:

When satisfied with the filters, click "Submit" to apply them to your report. If you would like to start over, click "Clear Filters."