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In observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day - ACEMAPP support will be unavailable on Monday, January 17th. Please view the help desk for frequently asked questions or submit a support ticket.

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Verify Students (Corporate Screening) & ImmuniTrax (Medicat)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Verify Students (by Corporate Screening) and ImmuniTrax (by Medicat) to simplify the compliance process for members. Verify Students provides background check and drug screening services and ImmuniTrax provides clinical requirement verification.
Verify Students (Corporate Screening)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Verify Students (by Corporate Screening) to simplify the compliance process for members. Verify Students is used for background checks and drug screens.
Integrated Vendors
This video explains how the integration works with our background check and immunization vendors.
Verify your Email Address
When creating your account or updating your profile, it is important to verify your email address. If your email is not verified, you will not be able to access your information in ACEMAPP.
InfoMart (Advantage Students)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Advantage Students (by InfoMart) to simplify the compliance process for members. Advantage Students provides background check and drug screening services.
Getting Started with ACEMAPP
Welcome to ACEMAPP! This guide will provide you with an overview on how to navigate the ACEMAPP system in order to help you meet compliance for your upcoming clinical rotations.
Assign Students to a Course
Assign Students to a Course You may assign students and course admins to all required courses for their program at once. Their courses and requirements will not be visible until the course start date.
Uploading Documents for Students or Faculty
As a School Coordinator, you have the option to upload documents on behalf of students or faculty. 
View Students' Personal Schedules
The Personal Schedule system allows students to input and track their non-rotation events, such as class schedules. As a school coordinator, you also can view the schedules your students have created in ACEMAPP. If you are interested in learning more about this feature, please contact ACEMAPP Customer Support.
Invite Existing Students to a New Program
Use the Invitation System to invite an existing student in ACEMAPP to a new program or to change their program. Use the "Bulk Upload" or "Add One" student to invite new student(s).
Case Logs Report (Students)
Case Log Reports will take all case logs attached to your account and present it in a more user friendly format.  You can generate reports at any time to monitor your experience and type of experience.
Learning Materials - Students & Faculty
Your school and/or clinical site requires you to complete courses and assessments prior to the start of your rotation.
Download Student Contact Lists
Faculty can quickly contact students participating in an upcoming clinical rotation by downloading a student contact list. Alternatively, as a faculty member in ACEMAPP, you may contact the school coordinator to send out a broadcast message through ACEMAPP (please see related articles).
View Rotations - Student
Throughout your time as a student in ACEMAPP, you could be placed in multiple rotations. ACEMAPP has multiple rotation types, clinical (precepted/cohort), personal schedules,  and course assignments.
Troubleshooting Case and Time Logs Tip Sheet
Tips on verifying that your case and time logs are entered correctly so that your total time populates appropriately.
Case Logs - Student
The Case Log system allows students to document their case log information into ACEMAPP. It is important to document the breadth of your experience and to monitor your experience to ensure you have adequate volume and variety.
Video - Student Orientation
This is a video provides students with an overview of the ACEMAPP system.
Bulk Upload Faculty
The Bulk Upload feature is a quick and efficient way to create multiple faculty accounts at once. 
Bulk Upload Preceptor
This article provides step-by-step instructions on creating multiple preceptor accounts at once. This process will create an account for a preceptor which will give them the ability to manage and/or review items based on the school's process.
Complio (American DataBank)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Complio (by American DataBank) to simplify the compliance process for members (i.e., Students, Faculty, etc.). Complio's services include background check and drug screen processing, as well as clinical requirement verification.
Login to ACEMAPP
How to log in to your ACEMAPP account.
Directory - Add Members
The Directory system allows you to create and manage Members specific to your organization. This includes adding programs, sharing across multiple facilities or schools, managing schedules, providing preceptor details, and license information. 
Bulk Managing Requirement Dates
Bulk uploading requirement dates is a quick and efficient way to add requirement dates to member requirements in the ACEMAPP system.
Time Log - Create
Time Logs keep track of your time spent with preceptors. If you choose, you can connect your time logs to the specific skills that were observed, assisted with, or performed during your time with your preceptor.
Candidate Dashboard
In ACEMAPP you will have access to a variety of tools that connected you with employers. Check-In with your ACEMAPP account on a regular basis to know when you have matched with an employer.