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Corporate Screening (Verify Students) & Medicat (ImmuniTrax)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Immunitrax to simplify the compliance process for you. Immunitrax (by Medicat) is used for clinical requirement verification. Important Note: Immunitrax interface is activated via
Corporate Screening (Verify Students)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Verify Students to simplify the compliance process for you. Verify Students (by Corporate Screening) is used for background checks and drug screens. For questions related to Verify
Integrated Vendors
This video explains how the integration works with our background check and immunization vendors.
Getting Started with ACEMAPP
Welcome to ACEMAPP! This guide will provide you with an overview on how to navigate the ACEMAPP system in order to help you meet compliance for your upcoming clinical rotations.
InfoMart (Advantage Students)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Advantage Students to simplify the compliance process for you. Advantage Students (by Infomart) is used for background checks, and drug screens. You will see their logo on your
Assign Students to a Course
Assign Students to a Course You may assign students and course admins to all required courses for their program at once. Their courses and requirements will not be visible until the course start date.
Manage Expiring Students
Your ACEMAPP home screen will notify you if you have upcoming invoices. 
Invite Existing Students to a New Program
Use the Invitation System to invite an existing student in ACEMAPP to a new program or to change their program. Use the "Bulk Upload" or "Add One" student to invite new student(s).
Uploading Documents for Students or Faculty
School coordinators have the option to upload documents on behalf of students or faculty. 
Learning Materials - Students & Faculty
Your school and/or clinical site requires you to complete courses and assessments prior to the start of your rotation.
Case Logs Report (Students)
Case Log Reports will take all case logs attached to your account and present it in a more user friendly format.  You can generate reports at any time to monitor your experience and type of experience.
Complio (American Databank)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Complio to simplify the compliance process for you. Complio (by American Databank) is used for background checks, drug screening, and clinical requirement verification.
View Student's Personal Schedules
As a school coordination, you have the ability to view the personal schedules of your students. Personal schedules allow students to track non-rotation events, such as classes. If your school is not currently using personal schedules, you may contact ACEMAPP support to request this feature for your school.
Bulk Uploading New Member
Bulk uploading members is a quick and efficient way to add new members for management within the ACEMAPP system. Use the Invitation system to invite existing members to a new organization or to change their program.
Bulk Upload Faculty
The Bulk Upload feature is a quick and efficient way to create multiple faculty accounts at once. 
Bulk Upload Preceptor
This article provides step-by-step instructions on creating multiple preceptor accounts at once. This process will create an account for a preceptor which will give them the ability to manage and/or review items based on the school's process.
View Rotations - Student
Throughout your time as a student in ACEMAPP, you could be placed in multiple rotations. ACEMAPP has multiple rotation types, clinical (precepted/cohort), personal schedules,  and course assignments.
Approved Rotations within 3 Weeks (Table)
View approved rotations easily from your home screen and see if your students are compliant for upcoming rotations.
Download Student Contact Lists
Quickly contact students participating in an upcoming clinical rotation by downloading a student contact list. Alternatively, you may contact your clinical rotation coordinator to send out a broadcast.
Rotation Preparedness Report
The Rotation Preparedness Report allows you to select a program and see a list of each of your Approved and Pending rotations.  The list will also show you students or faculty that have missing requirements and whether or not the roster has been sent.
Managing Membership Status
Using the bulk manage feature is an easy way to change a student member's status in ACEMAPP between Active, Graduated, and On Hold.
Course Assignment - Removing Members
Remove Students & Faculty (Course Admins) from a Course Assignment.
Access End Date
The Access End Date, previously known as the Graduation Date, is used to clarify when the student should no longer have access to your Entity. Once this date arrives, the student will automatically lose its active affiliation with your organization.
Video - Student Orientation
 This is a video to assist ACEMAPP students with their orientation of the ACEMAPP system.
Login to ACEMAPP
How to Login to Your ACEMAPP Account
Directory - Add Members
The Directory system allows you to create and manage Members specific to your organization. This includes adding programs, sharing across multiple facilities or schools, managing schedules, providing preceptor details, and license information. 
Assigning Members to Rotation
Assigning members to rotations is an important step toward creating rotations and allowing members to access their required documents and assessments.
Reporting Features
Reporting allows members to quickly pull information such as “Rotation Preparedness”, “Incomplete User”, “Rotation Calendar”, and more. Coordinators may also build and save custom reports.
Setting Access Due Date
Setting the Access Due Date. When creating a new student account, it is required for you to enter the member's Access Due Date.  The Access Due Date refers to the student(s) membership period.  In most cases, students receive access to ACEMAPP 30 days before this date to begin completing their requirements and assessments.
View Rotations - Faculty
As Faculty in ACEMAPP, you can view all rotations you are assigned to by your school or clinical entity. These can vary by type depending on how your institution manages these rotations.
Personal Schedules
Personal schedules allow you to track non-rotation events, such as class schedules or time with your preceptor.
Time Log - Create
Time Logs keep track of your time spent with preceptors. If you choose, you can connect your time logs to the specific skills that were observed, assisted with, or performed during your time with your preceptor.
Candidate Dashboard
In ACEMAPP you will have access to a variety of tools that connected you with employers. Check-In with your ACEMAPP account on a regular basis to know when you have matched with an employer.
Guest School FAQ
Here are some common questions and answers for getting your student(s) set up in ACEMAPP. This information should provide more information about the entire process from logging in to verifying your student's
Directory Upload Member Documents
The Directory system allows you to create and manage Member's specific to your organization. Once you add a Directory Member, you are able to upload documents specific to that member.
Directory - Manage Entities
The Directory system allows you to create and manage entities specific to your organization. This includes adding general and requirements notes, managing contract dates, site visits, and sharing across multiple campuses.
Directory - Upload Entity Member Documents
Once you add a Directory Entity and connect a Member to the Entity, you are able to upload documents specific to the member and entity connection. 
Personal Schedules using Directory Entity
Personal schedules allow you to track non-rotation events, such as class schedules or time with your preceptor.
Bulk (Broadcast) Messaging
As a coordinator, you have the ability to broadcast messages to your members and/or users directly from ACEMAPP.
Waiver Requirements
Using ACEMAPP's Requirement system allows the tracking of requirements in one easy location.  Within this system is the Waiver system. This system allows you to waive certain requirements your organization may have.
Entity Edit Permission
Students and School Coordinators must work together to ensure that information in ACEMAPP matches what is used by the school and clinical site. A student has control of the General Information in their profile. In some cases, schools and sites will want to also have the ability to edit this information. Students must grant permission to their respected entity if entity wants to be able to update student's general information. 
Create Preceptor Account
Create Preceptor accounts in order for Preceptors to be available for students to select for case and time logs. This also allows Preceptors to manage logs.
Case Log Management (Faculty)
The Case Log feature allows students to enter their clinical experiences and track their patient encounters. When students submit their Case Logs, as Faculty, you can review them. You can also pull a report and filter by your specific needs.
Faux View
Coordinators now have the option to see a faux view of a member's account (student, high school student, company staff, and observers). This feature is view only with no option to click on anything but will give you a view of what the member sees from their main dashboard.
Scheduling Rotations
To access your rotations, click “View Rotations” from your home screen. Your rotations are organized by their status. 
Tags: How to Create
It is helpful to group members in ACEMAPP using tags. You can create tags for students by graduating class, cohort, or any other way that may be beneficial. Members can have multiple different tags, as well.
Managing Members
ACEMAPP allows administrators and coordinators to manage members by affiliation or rotation. The available member options will populate under the "Affiliation" and "Rotation" columns, allowing you to select how you would like to view them. Selecting the member type under "Affiliation" will indicate Pre-compliance. Selecting the member type under "Rotation" will organize your members by rotation status and indicate both Pre- and Post-compliance as well as show member statuses.
Create Individual Account (One-by-One)
To create your members account, you can use the 'Add One' feature.
Faculty Document Manager
The Faculty Document Manager (when enabled by the school) allows faculty the ability to approve or deny student requirement documents associated with any rotation they are assigned to.
Preceptors - Your Profile Page
I'm a Preceptor in ACEMAPP, now what? To complete your preceptor account, make sure to complete your profile information.
Preceptor Account Overview
Preceptor Account Overview: In this article, we will provide you with an outline of your ACEMAPP homepage. This article will provide you with a breakdown of the available features on your account.
Case Log - Preceptor
The Case Log feature allows for students to enter their clinical experiences and track their patient encounters.
View Rotations - Entity
As a coordinator, you can view all rotations associated with your organization and the program(s) which you are associated with. Note: You can only view rotations with programs you have a direct connection with in ACEMAPP. 
Updating School Requirements for Members
As a coordinator, you can record dates for a member's immunization records and other required documentation to update their requirement date on their behalf in ACEMAPP. On the requirements page, you may enter the completion and expiration dates for the student's requirement items, as necessary.
Rotation Rosters
Rotation rosters are used to keep track of which members (students, faculty, etc.) will be attending each clinical site. The rotation roster gives the clinical site access to view member compliance records and profile data, in addition to the clinical rotation information, which is used for onboarding.
Incomplete Members Report
The Incomplete Members Report is a report that will list any of your members that have not completed all requirements for a specific program. 
Hospital & School Profiles
Hospitals and schools can post profile information through ACEMAPP. Your profile can be viewed by students and faculty assigned to your hospital through a rotation, as well as by hospitals and schools
Creating A Survey in ACEMAPP
Creating surveys is a special feature available to school and clinical site users by request. The ACEMAPP team is able to assist you in survey creation and distribution. Surveys may be shared with students, faculty and preceptors.
Form Hours Report
The Forms Hours report allows you to view the total hours that students have logged for a specific course. This report will also provide further details including what forms were approved by the school and the specific rotation ID number. You may view it in your browser or export it to a spreadsheet.
Time Log - Preceptor
The Time Log feature allows for students to enter and track their time with a Clinical Site and its preceptor. As a Preceptor, you may be required to approve these Time Logs.
Time Log - Approval
ACEMAPP Time Log allows members to track time spent with a Preceptor and/or at a Clinical site.
Manage Requirements with Dates (no documents)
If your school or clinical site does not require Students or Faculty to upload documents, you can enter in completion dates for the requirements. 
Community Benefit Report
This report allows you to enter a specific dollar amount to calculate the community benefit. You can pull a report based on the active students, student slots hosted, or both during a specific time period.
The Schedule Report
The Schedule report allows you to view all students schedules all at once, either in a Calendar view or a List view, or even a generated .CSV to allow you to import the data into a spreadsheet program.
Time Log Management (Faculty)
When students submit their Time Logs, as one of your entities coordinators, you are able to review them. You can also pull a report and filter by your specific needs.  
Expiring Indicators
Expiring Indicators School users now have the option to see an orange "expiring" indicator when students are 30 days or less from a requirement expiring. This way, school coordinators are able to monitor member standings.
Tags: Adding or Removing
Tags are useful for sorting users in ACEMAPP into groups when managing them. Once you create a tag, you may need to add or remove tags from users to help you better organize your users in ACEMAPP.
References - Preceptor/Faculty
After successfully completing a rotation you where assigned to, you can now leave professional references for those students attached to that rotation.
Personal Schedule Report - Faculty
To see students personal schedules that are entered in ACEMAPP.
Accepting an ACEMAPP Invitation
Schools use the ACEMAPP invitations system to invite clinical faculty to affiliation with their program or students who have an existing ACEMAPP account. To accept an invitation email from ACEMAPP.
What is ACEMAPP?
ACEMAPP is a secure, online, clinical rotation matching, student onboarding, and document storage solution for clinical sites, schools, and consortiums.
Upcoming Rotations - Send Your Roster!
As an administrator or clinical coordinator, checking if the rotation roster has been sent can be done by reviewing the list of "Approved Rotations Starting Within 3 Weeks" on your home page or by checking the "Roster Sent" column on the "View Rotations" table.
Replicate Rotations
The Replicate Rotations tool allows you to copy & paste any rotations you’ve created in the past within the ACEMAPP program. While copying, you’ll have the opportunity to change details of the rotation as well as add new rotations.
Assigning Clinical Faculty to Rosters
Assigning faculty to rosters is an important step toward creating rotations and allowing access to required documents and assessments for faculty members.
Certification of Completion for Assessments
Did you successfully pass your ACEMAPP courses and assessments? Now, you can print or download a Certificate of Completion.
Manage Announcements
This article provides an overview of the Announcements feature which allows you to create announcements that are displayed on the homepages of your members or users in ACEMAPP. Announcements can include information such as upcoming deadlines, parking instructions, orientation dates, etc.
Survey - Manually Sending Reminder
Built within the Survey system is the ability to send broadcast messages to members. From your home screen click on the Survey to open the Survey Builder screen. Click on the Reports icon found under Actions.
Preceptor Certificates
Preceptor certificates are meant to serve as a token of appreciation from schools. The following certificate indicates the clinical course and hours spent in clinical precepting. Thes hours can be applied to the recertification process of a preceptor. Preceptor certificates are housed within your time log menu.
Manage Requirements with Documents
ACEMAPP allows members to upload, share and store documents. If a document is required by the school or clinical site, it will need to be approved. To approve or deny requirements with documents, follow the steps outlined in this article.
Upload Files into an Existing Rotation
You now have the option to upload files directly into a rotation. This can be a helpful feature when there are additional items or information you wish to provide to the partnering entity.
Member Requirement Document Log
The Member Requirement Document Log gives entity coordinators access to various filters for viewing documents that have been uploaded by members. You can filter by "Display Approved," "Display Pending," and "Display Denied." Based on the filters set, ACEMAPP will pull all requirement documents for you to review and display audit data.
Preceptors - Managing Your Schedule
Preceptor Account- Manage Your Schedule
Manage Rotations
The Manage Rotation screen allows you to change/edit the general information of the rotation. Recommend when making a change to an already created rotation that you also comment to let the other entity
Approving Member Affiliation Incoming/Outgoing Requests
Manage affiliations of students or members that are still pending approval, either your approval or theirs.
The Invitations System
The invitation system is used to create new member accounts and/or connect pre-existing member accounts to your organization.
Welcome Email - Resend
When you set-up a student/member for ACEMAPP a Welcome Email is sent to that individual sending them a link to sign-in and finish creating their account.
Announcement - Rotations
Rotation Announcements The Rotation Announcement system allows announcements to be released and sent to both clinical and school coordinators when a rotation matches specific, pre-defined criteria. 
Assigning Classroom Faculty to Rosters
Assigning Classroom Faculty to Rosters Assigning classroom faculty to rosters is an important step toward creating rotations and allowing access to required documents and assessments for classroom faculty
Coordinator Contact
The Coordinator Contact Form allows you the ability to update your contact information and share with other coordinators.
Video - School User Orientation
School User Orientation Welcome to the New User tutorial. We will walk you through your main responsibilities in ACEMAPP as a school user in order for your student(s) to attend their clinical experience.