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Corporate Screening (Verify Students) & Medicat (ImmuniTrax)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Immunitrax to simplify the compliance process for you. Immunitrax (by Medicat) is used for clinical requirement verification. Important Note: Immunitrax interface is activated via
Corporate Screening (Verify Students)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Verify Students to simplify the compliance process for you. Verify Students (by Corporate Screening) is used for background checks and drug screens. For questions related to Verify
Integrated Vendors
This video explains how the integration works with our background check and immunization vendors.
InfoMart (Advantage Students)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Advantage Students to simplify the compliance process for you. Advantage Students (by Infomart) is used for background checks, and drug screens. You will see their logo on your
Getting Started with ACEMAPP
Welcome to ACEMAPP! This guide will provide you with an overview on how to navigate the ACEMAPP system in order to help you meet compliance for your upcoming clinical rotations.
Assign Students to a Course
Assign Students to a Course You may assign students and course admins to all required courses for their program at once. Their courses and requirements will not be visible until the course start date.
Manage Expiring Students
Your ACEMAPP home screen will notify you if you have upcoming invoices. 
Invite Existing Students to a New Program
Use the Invitation System to invite an existing student in ACEMAPP to a new program or to change their program. Use the "Bulk Upload" or "Add One" student to invite new student(s).
Uploading Documents for Students or Faculty
School coordinators have the option to upload documents on behalf of students or faculty. 
Learning Materials - Students & Faculty
Your school and/or clinical site requires you to complete courses and assessments prior to the start of your rotation.
Case Logs Report (Students)
Case Log Reports will take all case logs attached to your account and present it in a more user friendly format.  You can generate reports at any time to monitor your experience and type of experience.
Complio (American Databank)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Complio to simplify the compliance process for you. Complio (by American Databank) is used for background checks, drug screening, and clinical requirement verification.
Bulk Uploading New Member
Bulk uploading members is a quick and efficient way to add new members for management within the ACEMAPP system. Use the Invitation system to invite existing members to a new organization or to change their program.
Managing Compliance
Managing Compliance Video This tutorial will cover the different ways you can manage member compliance in ACEMAPP. If you have any questions, please contact us. 
View Student's Personal Schedules
As a school coordination, you have the ability to view the personal schedules of your students. Personal schedules allow students to track non-rotation events, such as classes. If your school is not currently using personal schedules, you may contact ACEMAPP support to request this feature for your school.
Approved Rotations within 3 Weeks (Table)
View approved rotations easily from your home screen and see if your students are compliant for upcoming rotations.
Rotation Preparedness Report
The Rotation Preparedness Report allows you to select a program and see a list of each of your Approved and Pending rotations.  The list will also show you students or faculty that have missing requirements and whether or not the roster has been sent.
Managing Membership Status
Using the bulk manage feature is an easy way to change a student member's status in ACEMAPP between Active, Graduated, and On Hold.
Course Assignment - Removing Members
Remove Students & Faculty (Course Admins) from a Course Assignment.
Access End Date
The Access End Date, previously known as the Graduation Date, is used to clarify when the student should no longer have access to your Entity. Once this date arrives, the student will automatically lose its active affiliation with your organization.
View Rotations - Student
Throughout your time as a student in ACEMAPP, you could be placed in multiple rotations. ACEMAPP has multiple rotation types, clinical (precepted/cohort), personal schedules,  and course assignments.
Assigning Members to Rotation
Assigning members to rotations is an important step toward creating rotations and allowing members to access their required documents and assessments.
Reporting Features
Reporting allows members to quickly pull information such as “Rotation Preparedness”, “Incomplete User”, “Rotation Calendar”, and more. Coordinators may also build and save custom reports.
Setting Access Due Date
Setting the Access Due Date. When creating a new student account, it is required for you to enter the member's Access Due Date.  The Access Due Date refers to the student(s) membership period.  In most cases, students receive access to ACEMAPP 30 days before this date to begin completing their requirements and assessments.
View Rotations - Faculty
As Faculty in ACEMAPP, you can view all rotations you are assigned to by your school or clinical entity. These can vary by type depending on how your institution manages these rotations.