Checking Compliance with your Affiliations

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Checking Compliance with your Affiliations content

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Checking Compliance with your Affiliations
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Checking Compliance with your Affiliations

The Affiliations section on your Home page will show compliance. You will need to check the Compliance Column for your school and each rotation you may be assigned to in ACEMAPP.

Step 1:

Navigate to your home page by clicking your "Name" in the upper right blue bar and select your member type, Student, or Clinical Faculty under the Navigation Panel.

image shows clicking name to select member type

Step 2:

Locate your Affiliations tile:

image shows affiliations box on home page

A Green Check indicates that you have completed everything in ACEMAPP.

A Red "X" indicates that you have incomplete items. By clicking on the Red "X," you can see what needs to be completed to show compliance.
Note: Pending items are considered incomplete until the school or clinical site approves.

image shows a list of items needed to be completed

Note: You can also see your compliance listed at the top of your home page if you are assigned to a rotation:

image shows rotation compliance

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