Accessing Your ACEMAPP Transcript

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Accessing Your ACEMAPP Transcript

Accessing Your ACEMAPP Transcript

Your ACEMAPP transcript is a great way to review and export the personal information that you store in ACEMAPP. Your ACEMAPP transcript includes your general profile information, requirements & assessment history, your rotation history, and more.

Step 1:

From your home screen, select "Transcript" at the top of the page. You will then be directed to your Review page.

image nav-bar highlighting Transcript button

NOTE: If you do not see "Transcript" on your home screen, click your name/avatar in the upper right of the screen. From the drop-down click Manage. On the Manage screen, click "Transcript".

On this page, you will see your general information, a history of your requirements & assessments, and your rotation history.

image example transcript screen

Generate Your ACEMAPP Transcript

Click the "Generate Default Printable Transcript" button to generate a downloadable summary of all your historical information in ACEMAPP.

image transcript nav-bar highlighting Printable Transcript button

Once this button turns green, it will display "Download Default Printable Transcript". This means the document is ready to download.

Click the button to download your transcript. This will open it into a PDF file, which you can save and print for your records.

image transcript nav-bar highlighting Download generated transcript

Review Your Document History

You can also review your document history from this area. To review your document history, click the "Documents History" button in the upper-left corner of the page. This will direct you to a page that will display all of the required documents you have uploaded to your ACEMAPP account.

image document review nav-bar highlighting Document History

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