Accessing a Student's Transcript

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Accessing a Student's Transcript

Accessing a Student's Transcript

Accessing a student's transcript is a great way to review and export their personalized information and data stored in ACEMAPP, including Licenses, Assessment History, Course History, Requirement information, Rotation History, and more.

Step 1:

From your ACEMAPP home screen, click the "Members" button.

From the dropdown, select the "Student" in the Affiliation column. image shows member tab and student under affiliation

Step 2:

While on the Manage Members page, click on the "View" (eye) icon of the member you would like to generate a transcript for.
image shows an eye icon to view

Step 3:

From this review page, you can now generate and download a transcript for the selected student.

The "Default" transcript is a more condensed transcript of what the student has done in ACEMAPP.

The "Summary" transcript contains more detailed requirement information and license information. Once you click on the button to generate a transcript, it will turn green, and you can then download the transcript of your choice. image shows summary transcript button

image shows green download transcript button

Step 4:

Once you have downloaded a transcript, you can review the student's information. Below is an example of a Default Transcript for a student:

image Example pdf of a Default Transcript

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