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ACEMAPP's evaluation and feedback features allow for comprehensive reporting with cross-tabulation capacities.

Step 1

From your home screen, click "Evaluations", if you do not see the Evaluations button on your home screen nav-bar, click "More" and from the drop-down click "Evaluations".

image user home screen highlight Evaluations button

Step 2

From the Evaluations table, click the "Reports" (book) icon.

image Evaluation table highlighting Reports button

Step 3

From here, you will see the total generated entries, evaluation details, field information, and the conditions on which the evaluation will send.

You have the option to view a "Member List" of those who have received evaluations, as well as their completion status.

Using the "Results Report", you may view combined results or individual evaluation responses.

image report views

Member List

The member list displays a list of members and their status with the evaluation. Please see below for the definitions of the statuses:

The evaluation has been generated but is not yet available for the member to complete.
The evaluation is available for the member to compete.

NOTE: Evaluations auto-expire after 45 days. The yellow expiring indicator will flag individuals who are nearing the evaluation expiration date.

The member has completed an evaluation.
The evaluation has surpassed the 45 day expiration period without completion by the member.

NOTE: Once an evaluation has expired, it is not possible to re-open the evaluation.

TIP: You may remind members who are nearing expiration using the email feature in ACEMAPP. Simply check the box next to the member(s) you would like to email before clicking "Email Selected".

image Evaluation table highlighting Email selected button

Results Report

The results report allows you to filter into completed evaluations, provides cumulative results in text and graphical formats, and allows you to view individual evaluation entries.

Step 1:


The filters are options allowing you to filter evaluation results.

For example, you may want to look at completed evaluations from the spring semester for a specific course.

The filter is additive and will combine the filter criteria to provide evaluations that match.

image Optional Filters page

Step 2:

Report Type

ACEMAPP provides multiple options to visualize and view aggregate and individual results.

The "Show All Results" option accumulates evaluations that meet the filter criteria.

To view the aggregate results in a different method, click "Show as Text Only" or "Show With Charts".

Click the "Generate CSV" button to download a spreadsheet of results.

image Report example highlighting Show All Results button

The "Show Individual Results" option provides individual responses to the evaluations.

Click "Show Without Options" to see only the answer that was selected or click "Show With Options" to see the other answer options.

Click the "Generate CSV" button to download a spreadsheet of results.

To navigate between individual responses, click "Prev" or "Next."

image Report screenshot highlighting Prev and Next button


Click the "Print" icon to print the results. You can also download the results and save them to a PDF file.

image Results Report highlighting the Print button


Clicking "Export" immediately exports the data into a .csv file. While like the Generate CSV on the Results Report, clicking the "Export" will generate a .csv that will show (if turned on) the over-all score on each individual's evaluation.

image Results Report highlighting Generate CSV button

image Results Report highlighting Download CSV button

NOTE: Evaluation scores is an optional feature; please contact an ACEMAPP team member.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email support@acemapp.org or call 844-223-4292.

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